Cinéma Amiens Gaumont

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment, - cinéma amiens gaumont

– Michael Duricy, June 2000

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment,

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment, | cinéma amiens gaumont

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment, - cinéma amiens gaumont

In June 2000, Michael P. Duricy completed an S.T.L. argument on the Virgin Mary in Cinema based on assay of over one thousand films with some blazon of Marian content. The International Marian Research Institute is authoritative accessible the capacity of this blur database for use by the bookish association and the accepted public.


Drama, Documentary, and Lecture: At this point, acquiesce me to call the authoritative anatomy acclimated to assort the films for added analysis. The best characteristic empiric actuality axiomatic from seeing a abstract of Marian films is the aberration in the brand of films in which Mary appears. There should be little agitation over whether a blur which refers to Mary is a ball or a documentary. A third chic which applies to a cardinal of films accompanying to our affair is that of the recorded Lecture. Anniversary of these ample genres is absolutely audible from the others, but ample abundant that anniversary contains abounding Marian films. Within anniversary of these ample accepted categories, a scattering of categorical subcategories appears from a accustomed application of the material.

Cinéma gaumont,, - cinéma amiens gaumont

Historical and Symbolic Films: Marian representations in dramas may be subdivided into two ample groups: Historical films which present the amount of Mary herself; and Symbolic films which alone allude to the being of Mary. The Historical chic of dramas may be subdivided amid those apery the being of Mary during her activity on apple and those apery Mary as an eschatological figure.

Intentional and Illustrative Aspects: Similarly, Symbolic Marian dramas additionally bisect into two camps: those suggesting Mary’s attendance by application an azoic object; and those alluding to her with a appearance accepting assertive similarities. Evaluating a character’s affection as Marian may accord with either admirers acumen or the author’s absorbed in presenting such a character. To acquiesce for the author/audience distinction, it seems reasonable to added bisect the Symbolic Marian characters amid those in which the apologue is Intentional on the allotment of the columnist and those in which it is alone potentially Illustrative depending aloft admirers perception. With this acumen we achieve our account of subcategories begin in Marian Dramas.

Dramatic Films about MaryDocumentary Films about MaryLectures on Marian TopicsFilms with Marian SymbolsFilms with Symbolic Marian FiguresFilms with accessible Marian Symbolic Figures

See the Marian Library catalog for films accessible for loan.


Apparitions at Fatima, 1994Director: Daniel Costelle

Apparitions of the Holy Virgin, 1900

Assumption of the Holy Virgin, The, 1900Director: Abbe Paul Cezzat

Behold the Lamb, 1991

Behold the Man, 1921Director: Spencer Gordon Bennett

Behold the Man, 1935Director: Julian Duvivier

Behold this Child 

Bernadette, 1988Director: Jean Delannoy

Bernadette, 1998Director: Dan Paulos

Bernadette of Lourdes, 1919

Bernadette of Lourdes, 1929

Bernadette: Princess of Lourdes, 1990Director: Steven Hahn

Bible in Pictures, The, 1994Director: Swiss Biblical Society

Big Event, The, 1981Director: Fernando Ruiz Alvarez

Birth of Jesus, The, 1995Director: Yusaku Saotome

Birth of Jesus, The, 1909

Birth of John the Baptist-Birth of the Savior-Childhood of Jesus, 1995Director: Edward Dew

Birth of our Saviour, The, 1914Director: Charles, Brabin

Black Nativity, 1990Director: Mike Malone

Boyhood and Baptism – Men of the Wilderness, 1955Director: John T. Coyle

Candlemas, 1995Director: Sheila Connard

Candlemas: The Festival in Word, Music and Dance, 1994Director: Sheila Connard

Child Called Jesus, A, 1987Director: Franco Rossi

Christ Denied, 1951Director: C. Malaparte

Christ in the Concrete City, 1983Director: Phillip Turner

Christ on the Cross, 1911Director: Louis Feuillade

Christ, The, 1917Director: Count Julio Antamoro

Christmas Collection, The, 1980

Christmas Donkey, The 

Christmas Looking, 1973

Christmas Story, The 

Coronation of the Blessed Virgin MaryDirector: Jack B. Giveley

Cotton Patch Gospel, 1988Director: Michael Meece

Crucifixion-Nicodemus-Ascension-Resurrection, 1995Director: Edward Dew

Dark Virgin, The, 1942Director: Gabriel Soria

Day the Sun Danced, The, 1988Director: Steven Hahn

Death and Resurrection, The

Doomsday, 1992Director: Tony Harrison

Eternal Light, The, 1919Director: Otto Goebel

First Christmas, Miracles of Love

First Christmas, The, 1979Director: Peter Sykes

For Love, Alone for Love, 1993Director: Giovanni Veronesi

For this Cause, 1980

From the Manger to the Cross, 1912Director: Sidney Olcott

Gate of Heaven, 1944Director: Vittorio de Sica

Glory of Easter, The, 1989

Gospel According to St. Matthew, The, 1964Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Gospel Road, The, 1973Director: Robert Elfstrom

Greatest Story Ever Told, The, 1965Director: George Stevens

Have You Condemned Him?, 1973Director: J. L. Saenz de Heredia

He Died and Is Risen 

Herod and the Newborn King, 1910Director: Gaumont

Holy House of Loreto, The, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Holy Mary, 1941Director: Edgar Neville and P. L. Faraldo

Holy Night-Escape to Egypt, 1955Director: John T. Coyle

Holy Rosary in the Holy Land, The, 1990Director: EWTN

Holy Rosary, The, 1986

Holy Rosary, The, 1984

Holy Rosary, The, 1991Director: EWTN

How Jesus Came, 1981

I.N.R.I., 1923Director: Robert Wiene

Innkeepers, The, 1989Director: Catholic Education Center

Inviolate Sanctuary, The, 1949Director: Arturo Ruiz Castillo 

Jesus, 1999Director: Roger Young

Jesus, 1911Director: Henri De Fontaines

Jesus, 1979Director: Peter Sykes

Jesus from the Gospel: The Birth, 1994Director: Peter Sykes

Jesus Grows Up, 2000Director: Oblate Media and Communication

Jesus of Nazareth, 1976Director: Franco Zeffirelli

Jesus of Nazareth, 1942Director: Jose Diaz Morales

Jesus’ Birth and Youth, 1990

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, 1980Director: Miguel Zacarias

Jesus, the Child, 1981Director: Len Lurcuck

Jesus, the Child-God, 1993Director: Miguel Zacarias

Jesus, the Son of Man: Oratorio in Dance, 1988Director: Ivan Marko

Jesus: Son of Mary, Born of the Virgin Mary 

Joyful Hour, The, 1951Director: Joseph I. Breen

Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe, 2000Director: Creative Communications Corp.

King is Born, A, 1987Director: Richard Rich

King of Kings, 1961Director: Nicholas Ray

King of Kings, 1927Director: Cecil B. De Mille

King of Kings, 1947Director: G. W. Chili

La Virgen Morena, 1995Director: Gabriel Soria

Lady of Fatima, 1948Director: Urban Nagle

Lady of Fatima, The, 1951Director: Rafael Gil

Lady, The, 1984Director: Jim Reuter

Last Temptation of Christ, The, 1988Director: Martin Scorsese

Life and Passion of Christ, 1902Director: Pathe Brothers

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, 1907Director: Pathe

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The, 1899Director: Pathe Brothers

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The, 1914Director: Maurice Andre Maitre

Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 1907Director: Ferdinand Zecca and Lucien Nouget

Life of Christ, 1979Director: Sheldon Cohen and Dene Hilyard

Life of Christ, The, 1906Director: Alice Guy Blache

Life of Christ, The, 1899Director: Alice Guy Blache

Life of Christ: The Glorious Mysteries, 1957Director: Joseph I. Breen Jr.

Life of Christ: The Joyful Mysteries, 1957Director: Joseph I. Breen Jr.

Life of Christ: The Sorrowful Mysteries, 1957Director: Joseph I. Breen Jr.

Life of Jesus Christ, The, 1984Director: Miguel Zacarias

Life of Jesus, The, 1907Director: Segundo de Chomon

Life of Mary, Mother of JesusDirector: Les Productions Francaises Cinematographiques 

Lost and Found 

Luke II, 1987Director: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Maiden of Pompeii, The, 1925Director: Giulio Antamoro

Manger and the Cross, The 

Maria Magdalena, 1945Director: Miguel Contreras Torres

Marie, 1992Director: Rosa Perahim and Jose Castan

Martyr of Calvary, The, 1950Director: Miguel Morayta Martinez

Mary and Joseph, 1993Director: Ken Anderson

Mary and Joseph, 1979Director: Eric Till

Mary Did You Know?, 1994Director: Jim Herschleder

Mary Had a Baby. Amen!, 1995Director: David Howard

Mary in Drama, 1993Director: Johann G. Roten

Mary in Model and Fulfillment, 1900

Mary of Nazareth, 1993Director: Jean Delannoy

Mary, Daughter of her Son, 1999Director: Goffredo Lombardo

Mary, Mother of Jesus, 1999Director: Kevin Connor

Mary, Mother of Jesus , 1985Director: Mary Pat Kelly

Mary, Our Mother, 1989Director: Martina Ayala

Meditations of Dame Eleanor Hull, 1994Director: Sheila Conard

Messiah, The, 1975Director: Roberto Rossellini

Miracle at Camafeo, The, 1972Director: Ralph Senensky

Miracle of Faith 

Miracle of Fatima, The, 1928Director: Rino Lupo

Miracle of Lourdes, The, 1926Director: B. Simon

Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, The, 1952Director: John Brahm

Miracle, The, 1986Director: Jean-Pierre Mocky

Miriam, 1989Director: Jim Reuter

Miriam of Nazareth, 1987Director: Vincenzo Labella

Mother of God, 1950Director: Don Emilio Cordero

Mouse in the Manger 

Mysteries of the Rosary, 1899

Mysteries of the Rosary, The, 1993Director: Connie Ann Valenti

Mystery of the Passion from Horitz, 1897Director: Walter W. Freeman

Mystery of the Passion from Oberammergau, 1897Director: Charles H. Hurd

Mystery of the Passion from Oberammergau, 1909Director: Montrose J. Moses

Mystery of the Passion of Horitz, The, 1904Director: Ludwig Deutsch

Nativity, The, 1952

Nativity, The, 1993Director: Tony Harrison

Nativity, The, 1980Director: Rosamund Kimball

Nativity, The, 1986Director: Don Lusk

Nativity, The, 1978Director: Bernard L. Kowalski

Nativity, The, 1993Director: Daniele Delorme

Nazareth, 1925Director: F. J. Romell

Night the Animals Talked, The, 1975

O Holy Night, 1959Director: Betty Grey Gruwell

Oberammergau Passion Play, 1933Director: Werner Funk

Old Old Story, The, 1980Director: Helen Perry Curtis

Once on a Barren Hill, 1985Director: Hugh Noonan

Our Lady, 1958Director: Benito Alazraki

Our Lady of Fatima, 1978Director: James Chiosso and Bob Caskey

Our Lady of Fatima Opera by: Stephen DeCesare, 1999

Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1977Director: James Chiosso and Bob Caskey

Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1999Director: Dan Lynch

Our Lady of La Salette, 1979Director: Don Bosco Multimedia

Our Lady of Perrysburg, 2001Director: Sherry Camp Paulsen

Our Lady of the PoorDirector: Jim Reuter 

Passion, 1962Director: Jiri Trnka

Passion of Christ, The, 1897Director: Kirchner [aka Lear]

Passion of Jesus, The, 1900Director: Luigi Topi and Ezio Cristofari

Passion Play of Oberammergau, The, 1898Director: Henry C. Vincent

Passion Play, The, 1909

Passion Play, The, 1899Director: Sigmund Lubin

Passion, The, 1992Director: Tony Harrison

Perfect Present, The, 1989Director: Robert Blaskey

Photodrama of Creation, 1914Director: Charles Russell Taze

Pilgrim of the Beauce, 1955Director: Claude Chateau

Pilgrimage Play, The, 1951

Pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary, 1961Director: Vojtech Jasny

Pots, Pizza and Shadows, 1990Director: Midge Miles

Presentation of the Beauce Region to Our Lady of Chartres, 1954Director: J. Berthier

Prince of Peace, 1939Director: Donald Carter

Prisoner of Evil, The, 1955Director: Mario Costa

Queen of Queens, 1945Director: Miguel Contreras Torres

Restitution, 1918Director: Howard Gaye

Return to Nazareth – Conflict, 1955Director: John T. Coyle

Revolutionary, The, 1995Director: Robert Marcarelli

Rosary for Little Children, The, 1995Director: Jennifer Naimo

Rosary, The, 2001Director: Olive Branch, Ltd.

Rosary: The Sweetest Story Ever Told, 1936Director: Peter O’Donnell

Royal Crown, A, 1992Director: Larry Biren

Savior Is Born, The, 1991Director: C. W. Rogers

Scriptural Rosary, 1988Director: EWTN

Sign of the Cross, The, 1898Director: Walter Haggar

Smile of the Virgin, The, 1958Director: Roberto Rodriguez

Son of Man, 1970Director: Dennis Potter

Son of Man, The, 1954Director: Virgilio Sabel

Song of Bernadette, 1943Director: Henry King

Spirit of the Season, 1994Director: Steve Searcy

St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes, 1978Director: Don Bosco Multimedia

St. Catherine Laboure and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, 1980Director: Don Bosco Multimedia

St. Matthew Passion, 1952Director: Ernst Marischka

St. Matthew Passion, 1986

Star of Bethlehem, 1912Director: Theodore Marston

Star of Bethlehem, The, 1969Director: Hermina Tyrlova

Star of Bethlehem, The, 1990Director: Reforma TV

Star of the King, 1982Director: Joe Sabia

Star Song, 1951Director: Florence Ryerson

Star Spangled Night 

Story Begins, The, 1991Director: Kaye Lavine

Story of Christmas, The, 1994Director: Henri Heidsieck

Story of Fatima, 1950

Story of the Nativity, The, 1995Director: Jean-Piere Jacquet

The Cross, 2001Director: Lance Tracy

The Final Inquiry, 2007Director: Giulio Base

Thorn, The, 1974Director: Peter Alexander

Three Days, 1990

Tragedy of Lourdes, The, 1923Director: Julien Duvivier

Triumphant Hour, 1950Director: Frank McDonald

Two from Galilee, 1978Director: George Herman

Virgin and her Son, The, 1907Director: Chevalier

Virgin of Guadalupe, The, 1987Director: Alfredo Salazar

Virgin Who Forged a Country, The, 1942Director: Julio Bracho

Visit, The, 1994Director: American Bible Society

Welcome the Savior 

Were You There?, 1990Director: David A. Parks

Westminster Passion Play, 1951Director: Walter Rilla

World’s Greatest Mother, The, 1952Director: Patrick Peyton



Akathist Hymn, 1990

Albrecht Durer, 1950Director: Alfons Stummer

All Generations Will Call Her Blessed, 1997Director: Michael Kurtz

Am I Not Here Who Am Your Mother?, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Ancient Prophecies II, 1994Director: Grame Whifler

Annals of the Congregation of the Best Holy Redeemer, 1951Director: Heinze Clemens

Annunciation, 1951Director: Roger Livet

Apparitions of the Mother of God in Argentina, 1991Director: William F. Bozarth

Apparitions of the Mother of God in HrushiwDirector: Josyp Terelya 

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, 2000Director: Jean-Phillippe Duval

Armageddon: Prophecies of our Time and the End of Time, 1997Director: Bob Leaman

Ave Maria, 1947Director: Fernando Cerchio

Ave Maria, 1954Director: Pierre Jacquin

Ave Maria, 1992Director: Belinda Giles

Ave Maria de Schubert, 1936Director: Max Ophuls

Ave Maria Grotto, 1991Director: David Graziplene

Ave Maria Montenara, 1954Director: Emilio Allegri

Betania Evening with Maria Esperanza, A, 1994Director: William F. Bozarth

Betania: Land of Grace, 1993Director: Drew J. Mariani

Beyond the FieldsDirector: Jack Sacco 

Bible of Amiens, The, 1995Director: Daniel Le Comte

Birth of Christ, The, 1993Director: M. Farin

Black Madonna Shrines and Grottos, 1994Director: David Berliner

Block Rosary Special Event, 1999Director: John Maffei

Bridge to HeavenDirector: Michael H. Brown 

Call to Holiness, A, 1989Director: Drew J. Mariani

Cathedral, 1985Director: Tim King

Cathedral of Chartres, The, 1953Director: A. Vigneau 

Cathedral of Rouen, 1952Director: The Andre Roy 

Cathedral, The 1948Director: J. Beranger 

Cathedrals, 1936Director: Lucette Gaudard 

Cathedrals of France, 1955Director: The Ed Logerau 

Celebration of Christmas with John Paul II, 1995Director: Dom Cuthbert Johnson 

Chartres, 1924Director: J. Gremillon

Chosen Village, 1958

Christ, 1953Director: Margarita Alexandre 

Christ in Art, 1984Director: Len Lurcuck 

Christmas, 1994Director: Rhonda Fabian 

Christmas in BethlehemDirector: Biblical Productions (Israel) 

Civilisation: The Great Thaw, 1970Director: Peter Montagnon 

Cloak of Juan Diego, 1981Director: Mel London

Couple, The Angel and the Child, The, 1996Director: Michel Farin 1996

Creche, The 1996Director: Tiziana Tartari 

Creche, The 1943Director: Malerio Mariani 

Creche, The, 1948Director: Alfredo Pacini 

Crowning Glory, 1999Director: Jerrilynn D. Dodds 

Crucifixion, 1950Director: Jean H. Lenauer 

Crucifixion and Resurrection, 1994

Deception of the Century, The, 1991Director: Independent Committee of Followers of Bayside 

Deposition of Rafael, The, 1948Director: Giuliano Betti 

Devotion to Mary, 1999

Drama of Christ, The, 1948Director: Luciano Emmer

Drama of Lourdes, The, 1934Director: Julian Duvivier 

Durer’s Activity of Mary, 1900

Early Images of Christ, 1951Director: Luigi Chiarissi

Embracing the Sacred, 2007Director: Christopher Smith 

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens à Amiens (8 ) - AlloCiné

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens à Amiens (8 ) – AlloCiné | cinéma amiens gaumont

Ephesus, 1952Director: J. de Riquier 

Eternal Inspiration, 1948Director: Giampero Pucci 

Events at Garbandal, The, 1971Director: Richard Everson 

Fatima, 1948

Fatima Triumphs, 1950

Fatima, Land of Faith, 1943Director: Jorge Brum do Canto 

Fatima, Our Hope, 1980Director: H. Buschor 

Fatima: Hope for All Humanity

Fatima: Hope of the world, 1967Director: E. Piccon 

First Christmas Crib, The, 1998Director:  Greg Friedman 

Flight from Nazareth to Loreto, 1949Director:  Arnaldo Genoino

Florentine Madonna, 1950Director: Franco Mantovani 

Fourviere, 1947Director: P. Maudru

Fr. Gobbi in Cincinnati: Cenacles and Mass, 1994Director: Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center (Norwood, OH)

Frames of Naples, The, 1978Director: Gabriele Palmieri 

France of Our Lady, The, 1900

Garabandal: The Eyewitnesses, 1993Director: Maria Saraco 

Gate of Heaven, 1950Director: Wolfgang Liebeneiner 

Global Rosary for Apple Peace, 1987Director: Tony Verna 

God’s Countdown to Armageddon, 1986Director: Independent Committee of Followers of Bayside 

Gospel of the Stone, The, 1949Director: Sechan 

Gothic Cathedrals, 1995Director: Andy Thomas 

Govan Creche Collection

Graces in Abundance, 1988Director: Independent Committee of Followers of Bayside 

Gracious France, 1960

Grandparents of Jesus, 1990Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Green Scapular Story, 1991Director: Susan Gately

Hail Holy Queen, 1936Director: Plater Zybeck 

Hail Mary of Aaron Neville, The, 1992Director: Meinholf Fritzen 

Handmaid of the Lord, 1949Director: Vincenzo L. Chiarissi 1949

Heaven or Hell: Last Judgement, 1995Director: Preston Jones 1995

Hill of Redemption, A, 1981Director: John Bird 

Holy Hill, 1995Director: Steve Kolb 

Holy Land 1956Director: Rinaldo dal Fabbro

Holy Land, The, 1985Director: Reader’s Digest

Holy Mary of Healing, 1949Director: Ugo de Rossi 

Holy Night, 1947Director: Mario Bava 

Holy Rosary with Pope John Paul II, 1995

House of Loreto, The, 1980Director: Keep the Faith

Hungarian Shrines, 1987

Hymn in Stone, A, 1989Director: Michael Warsaw

I am the Queen of Peace, 1988Director: Dea Boic 

I am Your Jesus of Mercy, 1994Director: William F. Bozarth 

I Call You to Conversion (Tape 1), 1994Director: Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center (Norwood, OH)

I Call You to Conversion (Tape 2), 1994Director: Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center (Norwood, OH)

Idea to Image, 1989

Il Perugino’s ‘Madonnas Who Saw’, 1949Director: Adelche Bianchi 1949

In Search of Mary, 1953Director: Marcel Gibaud 

Inside Edition, 1996

Invited into the FreedomDirector: Hans Schotte 

IssoudunDirector: Video Visite 

Jesus – His Life, 1995Director:  Steven Talley 

Jesus and the Fisherman, 1992Director: Deben Bhattacharya

Jesus active in Mary, 1997Director:  Richard and Stephen Payne

Jesus Active in Mary 2, 2001Director:  Arcadia Films Ltd

Joseph: The Man Closest to Christ, 1997Director: David Eisenbise 

Journey of Love, 1994Director: Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign

Journey to Europe, 1950

Key to the Triumph, The, 1998Director: Ted Flynn

Kibeho: Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, 1989Director: William F. Bozarth 

Lady Madonna, 1990Director: Meinholf Fritzen

Lady of Paradise, 1954Director: M. Paolo Salviucci 

Land of Our Lady, 1988Director: Paul Lawrence

Le Bienheureux Guillaume-Joseph Chaminade Sa vie et son Heritage, 1993Director: Michael Kurtz 

Le Puy-en-Velay, 1951Director: M. Gueugnon

Life of Christ, 1951Director: Marcel Gibaud 

Life of Christ, 1950Director: R. Hickson 

Life of Christ – Activity of Mary, 1957

Life of Mary, 1952Director: Manuel Hernadez Sanjuan

Life of Mary, A, 1949Director: Alfred Ehrhardt

Life of Mary, The, 1950Director: Gian Maria Cominetti 

Light and Shadow

Lithuania, Land of Martyrs, 1995Director: Bob and Penny Lord 

Little Miracles, 1990Director: Steve Allen

Little Shepherds and their Mission, The, 1990

Living Creche, The, 1949Director: Carlo Alberto Chiesa

Living Rosary, 1960Director: J. Tuck Buening 

Long Journey to Guadalupe, A, 1996

Look Here into My Heart: Did Mary Appear in Marpingen?, 2001Director: Hans Schotte

Lost Years, The, 1978Director: Richard Bock

Lourdes, 1932

Lourdes, 1934Director: Jean Loubugnas 

Lourdes, 1951Director: Paul Guegnon

Lourdes, 1958Director: Ken Russell

Lourdes, 1966Director: Christian Gion

LourdesDirector: Jeanne Solomon Langley 

Lourdes and its Miracles, 1955Director: Georges Rouquier 

Lourdes Shrine, 1958Director: Robert Southard

Lourdes, burghal of Light, 1951Director: Chan. Mazioux

Lourdes: A Gift from Mary 

Lourdes: Journey of Faith, 1980

Lourdes: Pilgrimage and Healing, 1991Director: John Kirby

Love Letter to Mary, 1993Director: Chris Winters

Love Lights, 1988Director: Kathy Hodges

Love’s Call to Freedom, 1988Director: Hans Schotte

Lubbock II, 1989Director: Kathy Hodges

Madonna and Child, 1992Director: Preston Jones

Madonna of Caravaggio, The, 1932Director: Gian d’Isernia

Madonna of Gibilmanna, The, 1949Director: Ugo Saitta

Madonna of Medjugorje, The, 1987Director: John Bird 

Madonna Through Paper CuttingDirector: Dan Paulos 

Madonna, The, 1989

Madonnas from the Marian Library, 1992Director: Val Zeiss 

Make My Messages Known, 1997Director: Milton Bazo 

Making of the Statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, The, 1993Director: Phil Bangs

Man Nobody Knows, The, 1925Director: Errett LeRoy Kenepp 1925

Many Faces of Mary, The, 1990Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century, 1991Director: Drew J. Mariani

Marian Library, The, 1984

Marianists, The, 1999

Mary Draws Us to the Eucharist, 1995Director: Sang M. Lee

Mary Draws Us to the Eucharist (#2), 1998Director: Sang M. Lee 

Mary of Nazareth, 1988Director: Rick Hardy

Mary of Nazareth, 1996Director: Kathryn Connell Christy

Mary of Nazareth, 2000Director: Judith Zielinski

Mary’s House – All Are Invited, 1998Director: William N. Luceno

Mary’s Miraculous Medal, 1990Director: Susan Gately

Mary, Daughter of Nazareth, 1965Director: Jacques Lelef

Mary, Mary, Absolutely Contrary, 1996Director: Janet Bloch

Mary, Mother of Christ, 1993Director: Jean-Claude Salou

Mary, Mother of Our Century, 1992

Mary, Mother of the Church, 1988Director: Diocesan Marian Year Committee of Buffalo

Mary, Virgin of Liberty, 1990Director: Comunidad de Jerusalen 

Mary: A Word, A Prayer, 1990Director: Alberto Castellani

Mary: Woman of Faith, 1989Director: Dorothy Woodward

Matter of Faith

Medjugorje from the Beginning

Medjugorje Messages: Closer Walk with Jesus

Medjugorje Under Siege, 1993Director: David Manual

Medjugorje Yugoslavia: The Year of the Youth, 1990Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video

Medjugorje, Croatia: Open Your Heart to God, 1994Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video

Medjugorje, the Signpost, 1988

Medjugorje: A Meditation, 1988Director: June Keithley Castro

Medjugorje: A Message of Peace, 1984Director: Stanley J. Karminski

Medjugorje: A Message of Peace, 1984

Medjugorje: A Pilgrim’s Perspective

Medjugorje: Caught in the Middle, 1993Director: Chris Winters

Medjugorje: Hope for the World, 1989Director: Joseph Roalef

Medjugorje: Our Lady’s Message of Conversion, 1990Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video

Medjugorje: The Lasting Sign

Medjugorje: The Miracles and the Message, 1989Director: J. Paddy Nolan

Medjugorje: Transforming Your Heart, 1988Director: Drew J. Mariani

Medjugorje: Visionaries Answer Questions, 1989Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video, Inc.

Message in the Stanied-Glass Windows of Chartres,Director: Sarl Charnelu 

Message of Garabandal, The, 1994Director: Maryanne Hamill

Message of the Cathedral of ChartresDirector: Sarl Charnelu 

Miracle at Conyers, 1994Director: Chris Merrifield

Miracle in Stone, 1949Director: Rene Hervouin

Miracle of Loretto, The, 1949Director: Arnaldo Genoino

Miracle of Our Lady of Pompeii, The, 1926Director: Enrico Guazzoni

Miracle of the Black Madonna, The, 1952Director: Oreste Natoli

Miracle of the Sun, 1985Director: Shelby Newhouse

Miracles at Lourdes, 1994

Miracles in Medjugorje, 1987Director: McCall and Bailey

Miracles of Healing, 1996Director: Christopher Lewis

Miracles of Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe and Knock, 1988Director: Michael A. DeMark 

Miracles of Time and Faith, 1996Director: Christopher Lewis 

Miraculous Medal, The, 1988Director: Neff Productions

Miraculous Story of Bayside, The, 1984Director: Independent Committee of Followers of Bayside 

Mirjana: Visionary of Medjugorje

Modern Mary, 1997Director: Albert Christian Bellner and Jurgen Hille

Monastery of Montserrat, The, 1906Director: Alice Guy Blache

Montevergine, 1924Director: Domenico Buono

Mother of God, The, 1948Director: Alfred Ehrhardt

Mother of Great Love, Mother of Great Sorrow, 1993

Music of Christmas, The, 1993Director: Questar Video

Mystery of Elche, The,1990Director: Mayra Vilaseca

Mystery of the West, 1951Director: Alfred H. Jacob 

National Pilgrimage to Lourdes, 1903Director: Alice Guy Blache

Nativity in Portugeuse Art, The, 1955Director: Battista Rosa

Nativity Story, The, 1994Director: Edward J. Payne

Nativity, The, 1950Director: G. Fill

Night of the Miracle, The, 1949Director: E. Masingo Angioletti

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, 1953Director: Georges Franju

Notre Dame of Paris, 1911Director: Capellani

Notre Dame: Witness to History, 1996Director: Jonah Goldberg

Oceans of Mercy. Three Lives, One Vision, No Limits., 1997Director: EWTN 

Our Dear Lady, 1950Director: Anton Kutter

Our Lady and her People, 1948Director: Paul Vermeiren

Our Lady of Altotting, 1993Director: Bob and Penny Lord 

Our Lady of Banneux, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Beauraing, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Czestochowa, 1993Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Fatima, 1947

Our Lady of Fatima, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Guadalupe, 2000Director: Franciscan Communications 

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Miraculous Mexico, 1999Director: Dan Lynch 

Our Lady of Knock, 1977Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of La Salette, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord 

Our Lady of La Salette, 1951Director: M. Gueugnon 

Our Lady of Light Prayer Vigil, 1999Director: Julie Ritchie

Our Lady of Lourdes, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine Grotto, 1992

Our Lady of Luxemburg, 1950Director: Florent Antony

Our Lady of Ocotlan, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Oropa, 1952Director: Romeo Spezzali 1952

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1950

Our Lady of Pilar, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Pontmain, 1976Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of Soufanieh, 1988Director: Antoine Mansour

Our Lady of the Apparition, 1994Director: Pedro Coreo Martins

Our Lady of the Cape, 1960Director: Loius Roger Lafleur

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of the Rockies 

Our Lady of the Rosary, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Our Lady of the Snows

Our Lady on the Street Corner, 1949Director: P. Salviucci and A. Genoino

Our Lady Says: Pray the Rosary, 1990Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video

Our Lady’s Call to Conversion from Naju, Korea, 1993Director:  Mary’s Touch By Mail 

Padre Pio’s Way of the Cross, 1994Director: J. Paddy Nolan 1994

Passion in JerusalemDirector: Biblical Productions, Israel 

Passion of Hans Memling, The, 1950Director: Carlo Castelli Gattinara

Path of the Messiah, The, 2001Director: Raymond Arroyo and Jeff Cavins

Peace Message of Medjugorje, TheDirector: Hans Schotte 

Peace Plan From Heaven, 1960Director: Paul Lawrence

People abrogation the Church of the Rosary in Lourdes, 1899Director: E. Thevenon

Pilgrim Lady, The, 1949

Pilgrimage to Fatima, 1949Director: Andrew Buchanan

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Roses Shrine, A, 1989Director: Independent Committee of Followers of Bayside

Place to Call Home, A, 1992Director: George Torok

Pontmain, 1992Director: Michel Guerin 

Pope John Paul II: Pilgrim to Lourdes, 1983

Portrait of Our Lady, 1990

Portugal, 1991

Procession of the Magi Kings, The, 1950Director: Giampero Pucci 

Proclamation of the Dogma of the Assumption, 1950Director: Pio Gaumont

Promise Takes Root, The, 1985Director: John Meredyth Lucas and Ardon Albrecht

Prophecy and the New Times, 1997Director: Ted Flynn 

Queen of Heaven, 1955Director: P. Hoesaerts and Arcady 

Queen of Mexico, The, 1940Director: Fernando Mendez 

Queen of Mexico, The, 1994Director: Christine Arata 

Queen of Peace, 1985Director: Hans Schotte

Queen, The, 1993Director: Alfonso Alvarez 

Rafael’s Madonna, 1950Director: F. Stella d’oro 

Rediscovering the Rosary: A Contemplative Prayer, 1998Director: Steven C. Warner 1998

Report from Fatima, 1950

Rites and the Sun, 1955Director: Enzo Trapani 

River of Light, 1992Director: John Bird 

Rosa Mystica, 1992Director: Stephen Roszell

Rosary in Art, 1955Director: Joseph Strugnell

Rosary in Art, The, 1969Director: Catholic Art Education

Rosary Sunday and the Cardinal’s Welcome, 1947

Sacred Sites of Europe, 1995Director: Bruce David Klein

Sacred Waters of Lourdes, 1997Director: Gergory Orr 

Saint Anne d’Auray: A High Point of the Mystique of Britany, 1994Director: Denis Sauvageon 

Saint Bernadette of Lourdes: Visionary of Lourdes, 1998Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Saints Anne & Joachim: Grandparents of Jesus, 1998Director: Bob and Penny Lord 

Saints for all Seasons, 1990Director: Oblate Media 

Salvation of Rome, The, 1950Director: Piero Regnoli

San Sebastian of Garabandal: The Eyewitnesses, 1995

Seeing Heart, A, 1993Director: Dan Paulos

Service of Supplication, The, 1988

Shrines of Our Lady, 1980Director: Paul Harris

Shrines of Quebec, 1960Director: Office Provincial de Publicite Cine-Photo, Quebec 

Sights and Sounds of Christmas at the Miraculous Medal Shrine, 1991Director: Charles Shelby

Since the Gospa Appears HereDirector: Hans Schotte 

Solemn Mass of Dedication of Our Lady of Hope Chapel, 1994Director: Leigh Sutherland

Sorrowful Mother Shrine, 1990

Source, The, 1995

Sparrows and Lilies, 1990Director: Roman Fink 1990

St. Dominic, 1899

Stone Lady 

Story of Knock, The, 1994Director: Miriam Judge

Story of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, The, 1992Director: Chuck Neff

Strength of Visions, The, 1996Director: Ana Christina Fernandez 

Tears of the Spinster, The, 1939Director: G. Pozzo Bellini

Tell the Apple Not to Wait, 1991Director: Eldon Productions

Three Conditions, 1950

Through the Pyrenees to Lourdes, 1950Director: Screen Traveler

To Him She Leads, 1979Director: Roger Lundy

To the Honor of God, 1948Director: Alfred Ehrhardt

Trial of Christ, The, 1953Director:  Jean Conelle 

Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, 1991Director: Our Lady of Peace Ministries 

True Activity in GodDirector: Hans Schotte 

True Way, 1991Director: Carmelo Rivera

University Festival for the Marian Year, 1988

Veneration of the Madonna in Pompeii, 1948Director: Emilio Gazzo

Vespers of Our Lady of the Pillar, 1994

Vespers of the Blessed Virgin, 1989Director: Jonathan Fulford

Virgin in Flanders, The 

Virgin Mary in Art: Renaissance to Reformation, The, 1996Director: Preston Jones

Virgin Mary, Changing Symbolism, 1996Director: Prseton Jones

Virgin Mary, The, 1996Director: Jane Crawford 

Virgin, Captain of Our History, The, 1946Director: Jeronimo Mihura 

Cinéma gaumont,,

Cinéma gaumont,, | cinéma amiens gaumont

Vision of Freedom, A, 1991Director: John Bird 

Vision of Patrick Peyton, CSC, The, 1997Director:  Joseph D. Fenton

Visions on Demand, 1997Director: Maurice Alexander

Visitation Jean Louis Barre, 1987

Vow to the Virgin of Montevergine, 1920

Wake up America

Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus Towards the Great Jubilee Year 2000, 1999Director: Dan Lynch

Walk the Way of the Cross, 1990Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Way of Calvary, The, 1947Director: Giorgio Rivalta

Way of the Cross at Lourdes, 1990Director:  Bob and Penny Lord

Where Jesus Walked, 1995Director: Rolf Forsberg

Why Do You Test Me?, 1994Director: Bill Stellar and Ron Tesoriero

Within her Immaculate Heart, 1990Director: William J. Bozarth

Woman Clothed with the Sun, 1991Director: June Keithley Castro

Wonderful Tragedy of Lourdes, The, 1933Director: Henri Fabert 

Work of Master Stwosza, The, 1951Director: Stanislav Mozdzenski 

Yugoslavia: Visions of the Virgin Mary, 1984Director: UPITN 



Advent: Is it Christmas?

All in One Accord with Mary, 1995Director: Charles Beaudry 

Apostolate for Family Consecration, 1989Director: Jerome F. Coniker

Apostolate of Holy Motherhood, The, 1992Director: Michael J. Deck

Apparitions, 2000Director: Archangel Gabriel Enterprises

Assumption-Apparitions-True Devotion, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef 

Behold Your Mother, 1975Director: Don Bosco Multimedia 

Blessed Mother, The, 1990Director: Charles Beaudry

Blue for Every Red, 1950

Christmas Icon, TheDirector: A. J. Jasiukowicz 

Christmas Stories, 1986Director: Bobby Giles

Christmas: Can It Last All Year? 

Closer Look at the Marian Movement of Priests, A, 1996Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video 

Clothed with the Sun, 1990Director: Jeffrey Mirrus

Console Your Mother, 1989Director: Apple Apostolate of Fatima 

Conyers, Georgia

Cozy Chat with Sister Janja, A

Da Vinci: Madonna, Child and Saint Anne

Days of Mary, 1990

Dear ChildrenDirector: Ernest Williams

Dear Children, Please Help Me Win my Battle Agains, 1992Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video 

Dear Children, Time Is Short, 1996Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video 

Devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 1991Director: Franciscan University of Stuebenville

Ephesus, 1990

Fr. Gerard McGinnity, Christina Gallagher and Dan Lynch, 1992

Fr. Leroy Smith at Medjugorje, 1994Director: Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center (Norwood, OH) 

Garabandal, 1998Director: Darren Fordham

Godbearer: Mary in the Eyes of the Church, 1978

Great Things for God, 1990Director: Legion of Mary

Holy Family: Model for the Christian HomeDirector: Charles Beaudry 

Holy Spirit and Mary, 1995Director: John Randall

Holy Spirit in the Activity of Mary, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef

Images of God, Mary and the Saints, 1993Director: Jean Unsworth

Immaculate Conception, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef

In Communion with Mary and the Saints, 1995Director: Charles Beaudry

Jesus I Trust in You, 1950

Magnificat: Mary’s Words To Us, 1978

Marian Movement of Priests, 1997Director: Jim Boulet

Marian Spirituality, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef

Marian Theology, 1990Director: Dwin Towell

Mary, 1986

MaryDirector: Sadlier Media Productions 

Mary and Ecumenism, 1987Director: Lori Andrews 

Mary and the Church in the Mystical Poetry of Saint Ephrem, 1990Director: Center for Eastern Christian Studies

Mary and the Eucharist, 1998Director: Chris Sadowski

Mary and the Rosary for the Young Catholics 

Mary as Model of the Church, 1995

Mary at the Temple, 1993Director: Harry Leake

Mary in Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue, 1992

Mary in Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue, 1992

Mary in Catholic-Lutheran dialogue, 1992

Mary in Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue, 1992

Mary in Catholic-Lutheran Dialogue, 1992

Mary in Eastern Christian Art, 1990Director: Center for Eastern Christian Studies 

Mary in Music and Hymnography, 1990Director: Center for Eastern Christian Studies

Mary in Relationship to the Biblical Community

Mary in Relationship to the Family 

Mary in Relationship to the Apple Community 

Mary of NazarethMaria Aktuell Osterreich 

Mary Today, 1990Director: George Torok

Mary’s Story

Mary’s Yes to God, 1994Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video 1994

Mary, Mary, Absolutely Contrary, 1992Director: Michael J. Deck 

Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces, 1997Director: Darren Fordham

Mary, Mercy and the Eucharist, 1995Director: Charles Beaudry

Mary, Model of Contemporary Discipleship, 1991Director: Dennis Diehl 

Mary, Mother of Faith, 1974

Mary, Mother of God, 1993

Mary, Mother of God, 1988

Mary, Mother of Jesus, 1988Director: Kathy Lombardi

Mary, Our Friend, 1990Director: Greg Stuart

Mary, Our Mother, 1985

Mary, Our Sweet Mother, 1998Director: Chris Sadowski

Mary, the Second Eve, 1993Director: Family Activity Center International

Mary, Witness to Christian Unity

Mary, Witness to Faith 

Mary, Witness to Prayer

Mary: An Ecumenical Perspective, 1990Director: Center for Eastern Christian Studies

Mary: Ark of the Covenant, 1990Director: St. Joseph Communications

Mary: Holy Mother, 1990Director: St. Joseph Communications

Mary: Icon of Human Perfection, 1995Director: Gary Uhrin

Mary: Model of Our Pilgrimage in Eastern Christian Prayer, 1990Director:  Center for Eastern Christian Studies

Mary: The Mother of Jesus 

Medjugorje and the Sexual Revolution 

Medjugorje: Our Lady’s Message of PrayerDirector:  A-Plus Keepsake Video 

Medjugorje: Our Lady’s Message of Love, 1990Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video

Message of Fatima, The, 1997Director: Darren Fordham

Message of Medjugorje, The, 1990Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video 

Messages of Garabandal, 1994Director: Tim Brown

Messages of Our Lady in Akita, The, 1994Director: Fred Williams 

Messiah, The

Missionary Image, Total Consecration and Apostolic Activity, The, 1993

Mother Mary 

Mother of God, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef

My Rosary, 1955

National Conference on Medjugorje, 1993

No Phones in Medjugorje 

Our Lady Comes to Marlboro, New Jersey, 1996Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video 1996

Our Lady Heals Mother Angelica (Part I), 1998Director: Joe Copeland

Our Lady Heals Mother Angelica (Part II), 1998Director: Darren Fordham

Our Lady in Scripture and Tradition, 1998Director: Joe Copeland 

Our Lady of Akita, 1993Director: Craig Driscoll

Our Lady of Czestochowa, 1980

Our Lady of Fatima, 1988Director: Louis Kaczmarek

Our Lady of Guadalupe, 2001

Our Lady of Guadalupe to Medjugorje, 1994Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video

Our Lady’s Prayer, 1990

Our Lady’s Prayers 

Our Lady’s Triumph, 1994Director: Tim Brown

Our Own Lady, 1978

Power of St. Joseph, The, 1997Director: Darren Fordham

Pray the Rosary with Fr. Peyton and the Stars, 1985Director: Robert Stabler

Praying the Rosary, 2000Director: Catholic Update Video 

Realization of Fatima, 1950

Remnant Church, The, 1994Director: A-Plus Keepsake Video 

Restoring the Vineyard Keep the Faith 1980

Role of Women in the Church, The, 1993Director: Franciscan University of Steubenville

Rosary and Contemporary Marian Apparitions, The, 1991Director: Franciscan University of Steubenville

Rosary and the Eucharist, The, 1991

Rosary Stars, Praying the Gospel, 2008Director: Jake Alba

Rosary, Ave Maria and the Lord’s Prayer, 1950

Rosary, The, 1980

Saint Joseph, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef

Saint Mary, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef

Sally Jesse Raphael Show, 1987

Savior Is Born, A 

Secrets and the Afterlife, 1997Director: Faith Publishing, Co.

She Looked at MeDirector: Louise Pisani 

Shepherds and Wisemen, 1972

St. Joseph: Patron of Families, 1995Director: Fred Williams

Talk by Mark Treanor, A, 1992

Trouble I Had with Mary, The, 1991Director: Rick Sutton

True Devotion to Mary, 1987Director: Al Nicosia

Untold Story, The, 2000Director: James Reuter

Vatican II: Marian Council, 1987Director: Robert J. Fox

Virgin, 1999Director: Anthony Nachef

Virgin’s Cult, An Anthropological Perspective, 1993

Walking with Jesus

We Honor Mary, Mother of Jesus

We Learn from Mary, 1998Director: Gaynell Bordes Cronin 

We Pray with Mary, 2000Director: Gaynell Bordes Cronin

What Are They Saying About Mary?,  1988Director: Don Boccardi

What Catholics Believe About Mary and the Saints, 1993Director: Gregg Mullen 

Why We Need Mary as Mediatrix, 1997Director: Darren Fordham

Woman I Love, The, 1970Director: Keep the Faith

Woman of Faith, 1987

Woman of Faith: Mary in the Gospels, 1978

Wonderful Story of Lourdes, 1958



Abbot Kordecki: Defender of the Czestochowa sanctuary, 1932Director: Eduard Puchalski 

Affair to Remember An, 1957Director: Leo McCarey

All Things Bright and Beautiful, 1994Director: Barry Devlin

Amati Girls, The, 2000Director: Anne De Salvo

Among the People, 1991Director: Kaye Lavine

Andrei Rublev, 1965Director: Andrei Tarkovsky

Angela’s Ashes, 1999Director: Alan Parker

Animation for Fallen Catholics, 1992Director: Armando Armstrong

Antonio’s Line, 1995Director: Marleen Gorris

Arcadian Maid, An, 1910Director: D.W. Griffith 

Barabbas, 1961Director: Richard Fleischer

Barts Friend Falls In Love, 1992Director: Jim Reardon

Bay Coven, 1987Director: Carl Schenkel

Bells of Saint Mary’s, The, 1945Director: Leo McCarey

Ben Hur, 1959Director: William Wyler

Ben Hur, 1925Director: Fred Niblo

Ben Hur: A Race to Glory, 1990Director: Creative Communication Center

Biblical Fundamentalism, 1993Director: Franciscan University of Steubenville

Bravo Portugal, 1970Director: Lisa Chickerling

Bridge Too Far, A, 1977Director: Richard Attenborough

Broken Mirrors, 1984Director: Marleen Gorris

Brother Son, Sister Moon, 1973Director: Franco Zeffirelli 

Brothers Rico, The, 1957Director: Phil Karlson

California Frontier, 1938Director: Elmer Clifton

California Misisons, The, 1998Director: Schuyler Sackett

Calvaire, 1927Director: Gabriel Rosca

Camelot, 1967Director: Joshua Logan

Captains Courageous, 1937Director: Victor Fleming

Cardinal, The, 1963Director: Otto Preminger

Carriage of the Blessed Sacrament, The

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994Director: Ignatius Press

Catholic Action Now!, 1990Director: Keep The Faith

Catholic and Ancient Rome, 1992Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Catholic Maryland, 1998Director: Schuyler Sackett

Catholics, 1973Director: Jack Gold

Central Station, 1998Director: Walter Salles

Charlie Brown Christmas, A, 1965Director: Bill Melendez

Chicken Run, 2000Director: Peter Lord and Nick Park

Chocolate, 2000Director: Lasse Hallström

Christmas Couriers, 1980Director: Steven M. Vizney

Christmas Is, 1970Director: Leonard Gray

Christmas Journey of Deborah Dove

Come to the Stable, 1949Director: Henry Koster 

Communion of Saints, 1991

Comparative Iconography I, 1992Director: David Drillock

Contemplating Icons, 1995

Conversation, The, 1974Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Cool Hand Luke, 1967Director: Stuart Rosenberg

Craft, The, 1996Director: Andrew Fleming

Crimson Cross, The, 1913Director: Eclaire

Crosses on the Hill, 1959Director: Eula A. Lamphere

Darkest Light, The, 1999Director: Simon Beaufoy and Billie Eltringham

Day Christ Died, The, 1980Director: James Cellan Jones

Day of Triumph, 1954Director: Irving Pichel

Death Wish V, 1994Director: Allan A. Goldstein

Dedicated Man, A, 1992Director: Family Theater

Dekalog One, 1988Director: Krysztof Kieslowski

Demon with a Glass Hand, 1964Director: Byron Haskin

Desert Desperados, 1959Director: Steve Sekely

Devils, The, 1971Director: Ken Russell

Dialogues of the CarmelitesDirector: Opera Australia 

Diary of a Country Priest, 1950Director: Robert Bresson

Die Hard II, 1990Director: Renny Harlin

Discovering France, 1994Director: Reader’s Digest

Dismas, 1983Director: Daughters of St. Paul

Distant Voices, Still Lives, 1988Director: Terrence Davies

Divine Mercy, The, 1950Director: Paul Lawrence

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?, 1980Director: James Quinn

Dog’s Will, A, 2000Director: Guel Arraes 2000

Dominican Nun (of Catonsville, Maryland), 1958

Don Bosco, 1948Director: Goffredo Allessandrini

Donkey’s Tale, The, 1990Director: William Wiebler

Easter Is, 1975Director: Leonard Gray

Elmer Gantry, 1960Director: Richard Brooks

Empty Room, The, 1930Director: Dorothy Clarke Wilson

Enforcer, The, 1977Director: James Fargo

Entertaining Angels, 1996Director: Michael Ray Rhodes 

Entrapment, 1999Director: Jon Amiel

Evangelists allege for themselves, The, 1994Director: Frank Gaughan

Execution of Jesus, The, 1994Director: William Kronick

Exorcist, The, 1973Director: William Friedkin

Eyes aloft the cross: A aeon of plays, 1962Director: Don A. Mueller

Face/Off, 1997Director: John Woo

Fantasia, 1940Director: Wilfred Jackson

Faust, 1926Director: Friedrich M. Murnau

Feasibility Study, A, 1963Director: Byron Haskin

Filumena Marturano, 1951Director: Eduardo De Filippo 

Fistful of Flies, A, 1997Director: Monica Pellizzari

Flaming Horizon, 1957Director: Roberto Montero 

Force of Destiny, The, 1984Director: John Dexter

Form of Iconography, The, 1990Director: A. J. Jasiokowicz

Fourth King, The, 1977Director: Romano Scarpa

Frighteners, The, 1996Director: Peter Jackson

Garden, The, 1990Director: Derek Jarman

Gaucho, The, 1927Director: F. Richard Jones

Gift of Peace, The, 1990Director: Saint Luke Productions

Gloria, 1980Director: Katharine Kester

Go Look in the Manger, 1966

Goddess Remembered, 1989Director: Donna Read

Godfather Allotment II, The, 1974Director: Francis Ford Coppola 

Godfather, Allotment III, The, 1990Director: Francis Ford Coppola 1990

Godfather, The, 1972Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Going My Way, 1944Director: Leo McCarey

Good Life, The, 1961Director: Federico Fellini

Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The, 1968Director: Sergio Leone

Gospa, 1995Director: Jakov Sedlar

Great Caruso, The, 1951Director: Richard Thorpe

Greatest Miracles on Earth, The, 1996Director: Paul Robert Walker

Heaven’s Highway, 1944Director: Alf Sjoberg

Herod the Great, 1995Director: Gail Willumsen

Hill Cardinal One, 1951Director: Arthur Pierson

History of Iconography I-XV Centuries, 1990Director: A. J. Jasiokowicz 

History of Activity and of Evil, 1974Director: C. Lizzani

Hitler: A Blur from Germany, 1977Director: Hans-Jurgen Syberberg 

Holy Bible in Pictures, 1956Director: Carol Bruens 

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment,

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment, | cinéma amiens gaumont

Holy Mary, Remembrance and Vocation, 1992Director: Jerry Tartaglia

Holy Year 1950, 1950Director: Anthony Muto

Home Alone II, 1992Director: Chris Columbus

Household Saints, 1993Director: Nancy Savoca

How Great Thou Art, 1993Director: Reader’s Digest

Hunchback, 1982Director: Michael Tuchner

Hunchback, 1998Director: Peter Medak

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The, 1923Director: Wallace Worsley 

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The, 1996Director: Gary Trousedale 

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The, 1957Director: Jean Delannoy 

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The, 1939Director: William Dieterle

Hunchback of Notre Dame, The, 1996Director: Richard Slapczynski

Hunchback of Notre Dame: A Appearance Analysis, 1995

Hunt for Red October, The, 1990Director: John McTiernan

Hushabye Mountain, 2000Director: Bruce Strachan 

I Beheld His Glory, 1952Director: John Coyle

I Believe in the Communion of Saints, 1991

Iconography: A Mirror of the Bible, 1991Director: A.J. Jasiokowicz 

Iconography: The Egg-yolk Tempera Technique, 1986Director: A. J. Jasiokowicz

Icons: The Eyes of God, 1988Director: St. Paul Video

Ignatius Loyola: The Soldier Saint, 1950Director: Keep the Faith

Immemorial Tridentine Mass, The, 1960Director: Keep the Faith

In Search of Angels, 1994Director: Ken Short

In the Footsteps of Christ, 1997Director: Regardt van den Bergh

In the Name of the Pope King, 1977Director: Luigi Magni

Into the West, 1993Director: Mike Newell 1993

Intolerance, 1916Director: D.W. Griffith

It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown, 1992Director: Bill Melendez 

Jesus’ Suffering, Death and Resurrection, 1990

Jewels of the Madonna, 1911Director: Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Joe Kidd, 1972Director: John Sturges 

Juggler of Notre Dame, The, 1982Director: Michael Ray Rhodes 

Juggler of Our Lady, The, 1957Director: Paul Terry

Keep on Walking, 1983Director: Ermanno Olmi

Keeping the Faith, 2000Director: Edward Norton

Killer, The, 1989Director: John Woo

King of Kings, 1999,Director: Clive Maltby

La Boheme, 1982Director: Brian Large

Lamb of God, The, 1993Director: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 

Last Best Year, The, 1995Director: John Erman

Last Don, The, 1997Director: Graeme Clifford

Left Hand of God, The, 1955Director: Edward Dmytryck

Legend of Provence, 1913Director: Eugene Moore

Legend of Sister Beatrice, The, 1923Director: J. de Baroncelli

Les Miserables, 1935Director: Richard Boleslawski 

Life of Pope John Paul II, 1987Director: KTLA TV Los Angeles

Life of Saint Bernadette, The, 1960Director: Robert Darene

Life with Judy Garland, 2001Director: Robert Allan Ackerman

Little Brown Burro, The, 1977Director: Vic Atkinson 1977

Little Drummer Boy – Allotment II, The, 1995Director: Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass 1995

Little Drummer Boy, The, 1968Director: Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass 

Little Lord Fauntleroy, 1980Director: Jack Gold

Littlest Shepherd, The, 1957Director: Florence Ryerson 

Living Presence, 1996Director: John B. Clote 

Long Day Closes, The, 1992Director: Terrence Davies

Lost Souls, 2000Director: Janusz Kaminski

Love and the Goddess, 1988Director: Joseph Campbell

Maddalena, 1953Director: Augusto Genina

Magic Boy’s Easter, The, 1989

Magic Hunter, 1996Director: Ildiko Enyedi 

Man on the March, 1952Director: J. Rivoalen

Many Though One, 1992Director: Maryknoll Apple Productions 

Maria Candelaria, 1946Director: Emilio Fernandez

Mariazel, 1990

Marie Galante, 1934Director: Henry King

Mary, 1996Director: Kay Pavlou

Mary Had a Little Lamb, 1992

Maximilian Kolbe, 1984Director: Paolino Campus

Mercy of God, 1995

Messenger of the Blessed Virgin, 1930

Miky Way, The, 1968Director: Luis Bunuel

Miracle in the Wilderness, 1991Director: Kevin James Dobson 

Miracle on Evergreen Terrace, 1997Director: Bob Anderson

Miracle, The, 1959Director:  Irving Rapper

Miracle, The, 1912Director: Michel Carre

Mission, The, 1986Director: Roland Joffe

Monsignor Quixote, 1988Director: Rodney Bennett

Montevergine, 1939Director: Carlo Campogalliani

Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, The, 1998Director: Paul Rudnik 

Most Unusual Man, A, 1994Director: Barry Chattington

Mystery of the Black Virgin, The, 1932Director: Eduard Puchalski

Name of the Rose, The, 1986Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Nazarin, 1958Director: Luis Bunuel

Nestor, the Long-eared Christmas Donkey, 1977Director: Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass

New Wine, 1941Director: Reinhold Schunzel

Nights of Cabiria, The, 1957Director: Federico Fellini

No Room at the Inn, 1980Director: Dorothy Yost

Now You See Him, 1976Director: Harvey Hart 

Nun’s Story, The, 1958Director: Fred Zinnemann

Nurse Betty Neil Labute, 2000

Oberammergau: The Passion Story and the Jews, 1980Director: Samuel H. Elfert

Old Man and the Sea, The, 1958Director: John Sturges

Once a Catholic, 1980Director: Mary O’Malley

One Who Was There, 1979Director: Donald Hughes

Othello, 1986Director: Franco Zeffirelli 

Othello, 1992Director: Elijah Moshinsky 

Our Lady of the Tortilla, 1987Director: Luis Santeiro 

Outlaw Josey Wales, The, 1976Director: Clint Eastwood 

Padre Pio: 50 Years of Thorns and Roses, 1980

Padre Pio: A Great Man of Our Century, 1990Director: Hans Buschor

Passion, 1982Director: Jean-Luc Godard

Passion of Bernadette, The, 1990Director: Francis von Buren and Jacques Quintard 1990

Peasant Chivalry, 1982Director: Franco Zeffirelli

Pecker, 1998Director: John Waters

Phenomenon, 1996Director: Jon Turteltaub

Pollo Loco, 2001Director: James Cameron

Pope in France, The, 1996Director:  Martin Feron

Pope in Munster and in Kevalaer, The, 1987Director: Bishofliches Generalvikariat Munster

Pope John Paul II Visits America, 1987

Portrait of Jennie, 1948Director: William Dieterle

Postman, The, 1995Director: Michael Radford

Power of the Resurrection, The, 1958Director: Harold Schuster

Providence of Our Lady of the Waves, The, 1904Director: Georges Melies

Queen of Hearts, 1989Director: Jon Amiel

Raging Abe Simpson and the Curse of the Flying Hellfish, 1996Director: Jeffrey Lynch

Raining Stones, 1993Director: Ken Loach

Rasputin, 1996Director: Uli Edel 

Real Jesus, The, 1994Director: Patrick McGrady

Road to Heaven, The, 1942Director: Alf Sjoberg

Road, The, 1953Director: Federico Fellini

Rock of Truth, 1994Director: John Bird

Romeo and Juliet, 1996Director: Baz Luhrmann

Rosary Murders, The, 1987Director: Fred Walton

Rosary, The, 1922Director: Jerome Storm

Rudy, 1993Director: David Anspaugh

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, 1997Director: Jean Daniel Jolly Monge

Saints’ Gallery, 1995Director: Oblate Media and Communication 

Saturday Night Fever, 1977Director: John Badham 1977

Scott and Kimberly Hahn Conversion Story, The, 1992

Second Coming, The, 1995Director: Blair Underwood 

Secret of Roan Inish, The, 1995Director: John Sayles 

Seduction of Mimi, The, 1974Director: Lina Wertmuller 1974

Serenade, 1956Director: Anthony Mann 

Seven Beauties, 1976Director: Lina Wertmuller 

Seven Cities of Gold, 1955Director: Robert D. Webb 

Shoes of the Fisherman, The, 1968Director: Michael Anderson 

Silent Night, 1996Director: Keith Scoble

Silent Night of Jeremy Rabbit

Simon of the Desert, 1965Director: Luis Bunuel 

Sin, 1915Director: Herbert Brenon

Sister Act, 1992Director: Emile Ardolino

Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting, 1996Director: Tim Robinson

Small One, The, 1978Director: Disney Studios

Smiling One, The, 1986Director: Hugo Kach 

Soldiers of the Cross, 1899

Space Cowboys, 2000Director: Clint Eastwood 

Spirit and the New Age, The, 1988Director: Tony Tew

St. Bernadette of Lourdes, 1998Director: Bob and Penny Lord 

St. John Bosco, 1991Director: Bob and Penny Lord

St. Therese of Liseux and St. Louis de Montfort, 1993Director: Bob and Penny Lord

Star Shall Rise, A, 1960Director: John Brahm

State of Emergency, A, 1986Director: Richard C. Bennett 

Stones from Bethlehem, The, 1994

Story of Jesus and His Miracles, 1996Director: Gary Salvaggio 

Swindle, The, 1955Director: Federico Fellini

Take a Bow, 1994Director: Michael Haussman 1994

Talented Mr. Ripley, The, 1999Director: Anthony Minghella

Teacher and the Miracle, The, 1958Director: Aldo Fabrizi 

Tepeyac, 1917Director: Carlos Gonzalez

Therese, 1986Director: Alain Cavalier

Third Miracle, The, 1999Director: Agnieszka Holland 

Time for Mercy, 1994Director: Drew J. Mariana 

Time to Kill, A, 1996Director: Joel Schumacher 

Timmy’s Gift, 1991Director: Rick Reinert

Titanic, 1997Director: James Cameron 

Toinou, the, Little Shepherd, 1996Director: Ivan Rene 

Tosca, 1993Director: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi

Triumph and Defeat – Crucifixion and Resurrection, 1955Director: John T. Coyle

Two Coins Worth of Hope, 1952Director: Renato Castellani

Under the Sun of Satan, 1987Director: Maurice Pialat 

University of Dayton, 1988

Valley of Tears, 1993

Vatican City: Art and Glory, 1990

Virgin and the Bull, The, 1995Director: Carlos Fuentes

Virgin of Charity, The, 1930Director: Ramon Peon 

Vive la France, 1944Director: Peter Paul Devlin 

Voice and the Light, 1985Director: John Meredyth Lucas and Ardon Albrecht

Wandering Image, The, 1920Director: Fritz Lang

We Sinners, 1953Director: Guido Brignone



A.I., 2001Director: Steven Spielberg

Agnes of God, 1985Director: Norman Jewison

Baby of Macon, The, 1992Director: Peter Greenaway

Best Christmas Pageant Ever, 1986Director: George Schaeffer 

Butcher Boy, The, 1997Director: Neil Jordan

Caucasian Chalk Circle, The, 1961Director: Bertolt Brecht

Cell, The, 2000Director: Tarsem Dhandwar

Children of Light, 1993Director: Holy Childhood Association 

Choice, The, 1992Director: Corey Allen

Corpus Christi, 1998Director: Joe Mantello

Council of Love, The, 1981Director: Werner Schroeter

Cream Cheese, The, 1963Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Cross Examination, 1993Director: David E. Kelley 1993

Elizabeth Shekhar Kapur, 1998

Great Posada, The, 2000

Grieving to Grace, 2000

Hail Mary, 1984Director: Jean Luc Godard 

He Who Must Die, 1957Director: Jules Dassin

Hero, The, 1994Director: Corey Allen 

His Madonna, 1912Director: Universal

Jesus of Montreal, 1989Director: Denys Arcand

Journey of Hope, A, 2000

Journey to Joy, 2000

Journey, The, 1994Director: Corey Allen 

Like Water for Chocolate, 1992Director: Alfonso Arau 

Living the Mysteries, 2000

Miracle, The, 1948Director: Roberto Rossellini

Monty Python’s Activity of Brian, 1979Director: Terry Jones 

Motherhood: Life’s Greatest Miracle, 1928Director: Lita Lawrence

Mountains of the Virgins, 1917Director: Alexandre Sanine

My Madonna, 1915Director: Alice Guy Blache

Painted Madonna, The, 1917Director: Oscar A.C. Lund 

Pilgrim, The, 1912Director: Mario Coserini

Prince of Peace, 1949Director: William Beaudine

Rosary, The, 1992Director: John Raber

Rosemary’s Baby, 1968Director: Roman Polanski

Sacrifice, The, 1986Director: Andrei Tarkovsky

Search, The, 1994Director: Corey Allen

Second Greatest Story Ever Told, The, 1993Director: Katharine Otto and Ralph Howard 1993

Seventh Seal, The, 1956Director: Ingmar Bergman

Shadows to Sunlight, 2000Director: Family Theater

Shepherds and Kings, 2000Director: Hans-Sirks Lampe and Carl Mueller 

Sister Angelica, 1983Director: Brian Large 

Stand, The, 1994Director: Mick Garris

Street Angel, 1928Director: Frank Borzage 1928

Three Wise Men, The, 1913Director: Colin Campbell

Through Dante’s Flames, 1914

Tidings Brought to Mary, The, 1991Director: Alain Cuny 

Tie that Binds, The, 1996Director: Wesley Strick

Time Piece, 1996Director: Marcus Cole

Virgin’s Bed, The, 1969Director: Philippe Garrel

Visit, The, 1994Director: Corey Allen

Way of Hope, A, 2000Director: Family Theater

West Side Story, 1961Director: Robert Wise

Wonderful Night, The, 1940Director: J. P. Paulin



Angel in a Taxi, 1959Director: Antonio Leonviola

Begotten, 1991Director: E. Elias Merhage

Bless the Child, 2000Director: Chuck Russell

Book of Mary, 1985Director: The Anne Marie Mieville

Demian, 1919Director: Herman Hesse

Devil’s Eye, 1960Director: Ingmar Bergman

Dogma, 1999Director: Kevin Smith

Emanuel Quint, 1910Director: Gerhart Hauptmann

Esther and the King, 1960Director: Raoul Walsh

Fall and Redemption of Man, 1968Director: The John Bowen

Fistful of Dollars, 1964Director: A Sergio Leone

Giles Goat Boy, 1966Director: John Barth

Heroines and Goddesses of Greek Myths

Jesus in the Bohemian Forest, 1927Director: Robert Michel

Jeweler’s Shop, 1988Director: The Michael Anderson

Judith of Bethulia, 1913Director: D. W. Griffith

Lilian’s Story, 1995Director: Jerzy Domaradzki

Manuel the Mexican, 1956Director: Carlo Coccioli

Maternal Instinct, 2000Director: Peter Woeste

Miracle in Milan, 1951Director: Vittorio de Sica

Natural, The  1984Director: Barry Levinson

Nutcracker, The Director: Yuri Grigorovich

Our Lady of the Spheres, 1969Director: Larry Jordan

Phantom Menace, The, 1999Director: George Lucas

Poltergeist II, 1986Director: Brian Gibson

Powder, 1995Director: Victor Salva

Prophecy, The, 1995Director: Gregory Widen

Queen Esther, 1948Director: John T. Coyle

Queen Esther, 1991Director: Hanna Barbera

Revelation, 1924Director: George D. Baker

Seven Journeys, 1947Director: Helmut Käutner

Singular Life, A, 1895Director: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 1937Director: Walt Disney

Splash, 1984Director: Ron Howard

Story of Ruth, The, 1960Director: Henry Koster

Thirteenth Day, The, 1979Director: Leo Penn

Tidings of Joy, 1960Director: Elizabeth McFadden

True History of Josha Davidson, The, 1872Director: Elizabeth Lynn-Linton

Virgin Spring, The, 1959Director: Ingmar Bergman

Virgin, The, 1924Director: Alvin J. Neitz

Vision of Mary, 1903Director: American Mutoscope and Biograph

Visitor, The, 1982Director: Jeff Perry and G. Richard Sato

Will There Be Snow for Christmas?, 1996Director: Sandrine Veysset

Wizard of Oz, The, 1939Director: Victor Fleming


Cinéma Amiens Gaumont – cinéma amiens gaumont
| Allowed to my blog, with this moment We’ll demonstrate with regards to keyword. And today, this can be a primary picture:

Gaumont Amiens, cinéma à Amiens : Programme, Horaires, E-billets

Gaumont Amiens, cinéma à Amiens : Programme, Horaires, E-billets | cinéma amiens gaumont

Why not consider impression over? is usually that will remarkable???. if you feel consequently, I’l l provide you with many picture once again under:

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Amiens - 8 - Cinéma multiplexe Gaumont - Images de Picardie

Amiens – 8 – Cinéma multiplexe Gaumont – Images de Picardie | cinéma amiens gaumont

Cinéma Gaumont - Amiens

Cinéma Gaumont – Amiens | cinéma amiens gaumont

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens - Cinéma (adresse, avis)

Cinéma Gaumont Amiens – Cinéma (adresse, avis) | cinéma amiens gaumont

Photos of the Cinéma Amiens Gaumont

Gaumont Amiens, cinéma à Amiens : Programme, Horaires, E-billets - cinéma amiens gaumontCinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment, - cinéma amiens gaumontCinéma Gaumont - Amiens - cinéma amiens gaumontCinéma Gaumont Amiens à Amiens (8 ) - AlloCiné - cinéma amiens gaumontCinéma Gaumont Amiens - Cinéma (adresse, avis) - cinéma amiens gaumontAmiens - 8 - Cinéma multiplexe Gaumont - Images de Picardie - cinéma amiens gaumontCinéma gaumont,, - cinéma amiens gaumontCinéma Gaumont Amiens,Trips and entertainment, - cinéma amiens gaumont


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