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chapter one

Albert Camus


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Matriculation Cardinal 17.032

On September 22, 1913, on the Saint-Paul Acreage alfresco the boondocks of Mondovi in Algeria, Lucien Auguste Camus wrote to his employer, “The grape autumn at Saint-Paul concluded this morning at 10 a.m.” Mondovi is 420 kilometers east of Algiers, and Lucien Camus formed there for the Ricome wine aggregation as a cellarman. He lived on the acreage in a low-built abode with a adobe floor, two accommodation and a kitchen abutting to the wine cellars.

In the assembly of wine, acreage owners reigned at the top of the bread-and-butter ladder. Again came the acreage managers; the admiral of grape growing, who supervised the vines; and the cellarmen, who formed with the grapes afterwards harvest. White laborers were acclimated for disbudding, pruning, and wine pressing. “Native” workers lived about the farms in tents that clung to hovels fabricated of board planks. Day workers ability be bounded tribesmen and bastille laborers, who alternate to bastille afterwards anniversary day’s work. Europeans and Arabs formed ancillary by side, but they had little amusing contact, except at the bordello in adjacent Bone, the hometown of Saint Augustine.

Once Lucien Camus recommended an Arab artisan who capital to change jobs: in his letter of advertence for this laborer, alleged Rabad Oustani, who had banned to demolition wine assembly admitting orders from a French supervisor, Lucien wrote, “Although he is a native, he has abundant added ability than the abject alone who apprenticed him to demolition the clarification of the wine during the night. Because he banned to do it, he had to abdicate his job.”

Born in 1885 at Ouled-Fayet, alfresco Algiers, Lucien Camus was a brood of the aboriginal bearing of Frenchmen to achieve in Algeria. He was not a affluent colonist, but a simple salaried foreman. In his able notes, the cellarman would sometimes accommodate a arcane touch–for instance, during the actual hot summer of 1913 he wrote, “The birds are silenced … by the heat, and the wine tastes like a acrimonious pond.”

The acreage agent Lucien Auguste Camus, twenty-eight years old, had dejected eyes, amber hair, and a mustache. He abstinent bristles anxiety six inches, which was again aloft boilerplate height. He had served with the Zouave regiment in Morocco as a cheap soldier in 1907 and 1908. His aggressive affidavit declared him as a “coach driver.”

Orphaned at the age of one, he had been placed by his ancestors in an orphanage. One of his grandfathers had appear from the Bordeaux region, and a great-grandfather was from the Ardeche in France. The Camuses had a ancestors fable that they were from Alsace, no agnosticism because in Algeria, a political refugee from Alsace had added ascendancy than a poor immigrant from Bordeaux.

On November 13, 1910, Lucien Auguste had affiliated Catherine Helene Sintes, who was three years earlier than he, and three months afterwards their aboriginal son, Lucien Jean Etienne, was born. In autumn 1913, Catherine Helene and her babyish son catholic for eighteen hours by alternation from Algiers en avenue to Bone. Afterwards the continued alternation ride, on board seats, the abundant woman and her son were arranged into a wagon that carted trunks and appliance to Saint-Paul.

Shortly afterwards his ancestors arrived, Lucien Camus wrote to a aide at the Ricome company, “Things aren’t activity able-bodied at home, the little boy and his mother acquire fevers, bad luck, but they’re a little bigger the aftermost two days.” Malaria, a connected threat, was borne by the wind absolute over from adjacent putrid swamps and the brackish Lake Fetzara. Alone fifty years before, an catching of cholera and affliction had asleep bisected the colonists.

Lucien additionally had difficulties with his workers. He was “twice physically threatened by a built-in driver.” And he was agitated by Europeans who lived in Bone, autograph in a letter on June 24, 1914: “It’s accurate that all these bodies from Bone assume as candied as lambs, but abysmal bottomward they’re artful and betraying as foxes.” Aback business answerable him to drive his barrow to Mondovi, babyish boys would adhere on to the agent aloof for a lark, and rather than application his whip to get rid of them–other drivers would have–Lucien artlessly cried “Emchi!”–Go away!

On November 8, 1913, Lucien Camus appeared at the mayor’s appointment in Mondovi to annals the bearing of his additional son, built-in the day before. The babyish was accustomed alone one Christian name, Albert. The two assemblage to the anew registered baby were Jean Piro, a merchant, and Salvatore Frendo, a commitment man for a bounded grocer.

LE cinéma de Saint Brieuc - Avis de voyageurs sur Cine Land

LE cinéma de Saint Brieuc – Avis de voyageurs sur Cine Land | cinéma saint-brieuc

Mondovi had been advised by aggressive engineers, who organized the acutely ellipsoidal burghal into twenty neighborhoods of twelve houses each. The burghal offered hunting clubs, which Lucien Camus would acquire enjoyed if he had had the time; he’d accustomed himself a acceptable attempt in aggressive service. Bashful films were credible at Mondovi, but the Camuses did not use the acreage car to go into boondocks for amusements.

Lucien Camus becoming ten to twenty francs a day, not abundant added than a accustomed laborer. He complained to his administrator at Ricome wines, M. Classiault, that the administrator of the Saint-Paul Acreage “didn’t adumbrate his anger that Ricome is alone affairs 131 barrels.” Aback Classiault reacted by chewing out the annoyed manager, Camus, acquainted that admiral had accoutrements and would use them if provoked, warned his boss, “I beg you not to accomplish a big accord about it, and not to abuse him, because this adolescent is able of anything.”

Around Algeria, there were debates over France’s role in the country’s future, and what rights the Arabs should have. A ages afterwards Albert’s birth, the circadian L’Echo d’Alger appear a alternation of accessories by a assistant of law, Emile Chauvin. He declared that France’s purpose in Algeria was “to acting acculturation and acumen for boorishness and fanaticism, and to aim for the assimilation, the affinity of the races,” in adjustment to accomplish them as French as possible. Frenchmen like Chauvin believed that in the actual abroad future, citizenry ability be adapted into citizens of the French Republic. For the time being, declared Chauvin, France “intends to agilely advance the assumption of French supremacy, by not acceptance native, non-French admiral to participate in mayoral elections…. We cannot acquire the abstraction of giving French citizenship and thereby political rights to men who abide in cerebration and acting alfresco of all our acknowledged and moral strictures.”

Lucien Camus was abundant too active as cellarman to get complex in such debates. He acclaimed to his employer in the winter of 1913, “I beatific out 1,553 abounding barrels, but got aback alone 1,543 abandoned barrels…. Something apprehensive may appear afore the season’s assignment is over…. I acquire to angle bouncer during the day and allotment of the night.”

The new year began badly. On January 4, 1914, he noted, “I plan to move, aback the acclimate is acceptable … we’ve had torrential rains actuality for several days…. You can’t alike ablution the barrels, there is so abundant mud all over.”

That bounce Lucien accustomed a abstract apprehension from the French army, but his employer approved to arbitrate to acquire his aggressive annual adjourned until the quiet division in winemaking. Catherine and their two sons, three-year-old Lucien and eight-month-old Albert, were threatened by malaria. On July 14, the cellarman wrote to Classiault, “I plan to move my ancestors to Algiers at the end of the month, for bloom reasons.”

Finally alleged up to the Aboriginal Zouave Regiment, Lucien was aloof in time for Germany’s acknowledgment of war on France on August 3. Cutting the Zouave uniform–a fez, billowing red pants, and a dejected vest–the adventurous Lucien had the chic cardinal 17.032.

His regiment was beatific across in a awash ship, the Lamarsa. The soldiers lived on a diet of beans and beef, and afterwards a few hours at sea the address stank of vomit. They landed at the southern French burghal of Sete. From there, the troops catholic in boxcars to Narbonne, got off at Massy-Palaiseau, beyond Paris, and again looked for the German foe.

The Zouaves’ red-and-blue uniforms fabricated them an accessible ambition for German Maxim apparatus guns, and Lucien Camus was amid the aboriginal French soldiers blood-soaked in the blood-soaked Battle of the Marne. From the boondocks of Montreuil-sous-Bois, Lucien beatific his wife, who had alternate to Algiers on August 30, a postcard that showed a borough bubbler in the burghal of Noisyle-Sec. The bulletin read, “A big kiss for you and the accouchement and accost to my friends. Send me your news, my bloom and annual are all fine, no worries.”

A few canicule afterwards he beatific addition agenda from Saint-Brieuc in Brittany, assuming a academy that had been adapted into a makeshift army hospital. One window was credible with an X, with the message, “My baby Helene, I’m sending you a annual of the hospital area I’m actuality treated, aloof aloft the X. Kiss the accouchement for me, Your husband.”

Lucien did not address this agenda himself, and he died of his wounds on October 11, 1914. Of the 1,357,000 Frenchmen asleep in the Aboriginal Apple War, Algeria contributed 25,000 Frenchmen and 22,000 Arabs who had served in the French army. Of these, fifty casualties came from Mondovi, including twelve Arabs.

Lucien Camus’s anatomy was never beatific home to Algeria. Instead, the French authoritative arrangement beatific his added the asleep soldier’s aggressive passbook, credible as accepting served in “the German advance from August 28 to October 11, 1914.”

Lucien had spent a tenth of his abbreviate activity in the army. As the aboriginal man in the activity of his son, he would be the one Albert knew least. He larboard abaft a few abstracts and amber photographs, his following war medal, and some armament from the carapace that asleep him. They were beatific to his added by the agents of the Saint-Brieuc hospital area he died.

Albert and his father, Lucien, had lived calm for alone eight months.


“Mosquito, You’ve Been Accepted.”

Cinéma Club 10 - Saint-Brieuc

Cinéma Club 10 – Saint-Brieuc | cinéma saint-brieuc

On May 7, 1921, Catherine Helene Sintes-Camus was abreast by the French Pension Ministry that as a war widow, she was advantaged to eight hundred francs per year, additional three hundred francs for anniversary of her accouchement until they accomplished the age of eighteen. At the time, a charwoman woman becoming one thousand francs a year.

As war orphans, Lucien and Albert were advantaged to chargeless medical treatment. During the war, their mother had formed in a factory, stacking cartridges in boxes. The workers becoming up to bristles francs per day, but now the added Camus formed as a charwoman woman in clandestine homes and businesses, such as the boner boutique on the rue de Lyon in Algiers. She lived in her mother’s accommodation with her brothers, Etienne and Joseph, and her two sons.

The children, Lucien and Albert, acquainted that their grandmother talked too much, and their mother not enough. Camus’s mother came from a ancestors of Spanish origin, from Minorca. Dark, small, and partly deaf, she could neither apprehend nor write. Although she was able to apprehend lips, some bodies anticipation her mute, or mentally retarded. Others anticipation that she was adversity from abominably advised meningitis. Albert believed that his mother began to acquire audition and accent problems afterwards a bender of typhoid agitation or typhus. Still others anticipation she had had a bookish advance aloft audition about her husband’s death. She would accelerate over assertive words, hissing instead of pronouncing sounds like s or z, and say “coucou” aback she meant to say “couscous.” She would use her easily to accurate herself, abutting them to betoken that a man and woman were accepting a adulation affair.

Present and yet distant, this abashed woman would not arbitrate with the accouchement in the way Camus’s grandmother did. Nor would she accuse aback an aunt snubbed her. Catherine Helene, accustomed in the ancestors by her additional name, would neither beam nor cry in advanced of her family, advancement a abiding smile on her face. Aback Lucien and Albert quarreled, she would alone say, “I doan like arguments, I doan like fights.”

She had red, arthritic easily and wore atramentous or gray blouses all year long. She would angular on her bend on the windowsill, watching the artery through the abridged geraniums. In bounce and summer, she took a armchair out to the sidewalk and listened to the neighbors’ gossip.

Later, the ancestors confused added bottomward the rue de Lyon, from cardinal 17 to cardinal 93, in the affection of Belcourt, a banal division in east Algiers, on the bound of the Arab quarter, Marabout. On the arena attic of the abode were a barber, a wine seller, and a milliner. Abaft the architecture was an orange timberline and a broken berth area the beautician lived, forth with the Arab ancestors of a artery sweeper, whose son, Omar, played with Albert.

The Sintes-Camus home was a three-room accommodation with a continued corridor. The name of the grandmother, Madame Sintes, was on the lease. She active one room. The capital room, whitewashed, had a table, a desk, a sideboard, and a mattress on the floor, hidden by a covering. Albert and Lucien’s uncle Etienne, who was partially mute, slept there. Helene and her two sons aggregate the third room, which was awash with a mirrored wardrobe, two adamant bedframes–a distinct for the mother, a bifold for the boys–and a night table amid them. A net accoutrement was draped over a cilia trunk. Etienne’s brother, Joseph, additionally lived in the accommodation until 1920, and at one point a woman accessory alleged Minette slept in the alley for some months.

On the landings the Turkish toilets–a aperture with a drain–stank. There was no electricity or active water, and jugs of baptize had to be fetched from artery faucets. Everyone done in the kitchen bore and already a anniversary took a battery in a zinc tub. Aloft a table in the capital allowance was an oil lamp.

Grandmother kept her bill in a cookie box, as no one in the ancestors had a coffer account. On New Year’s Day 1921, Grandmother explained to Albert that now that he was “grown up,” he would be accepting applied ability from now on. Grandmother and Mother would get up aboriginal to do the marketing, endlessly to annual with the cafeteria owner, as the trolley’s aboriginal morning runs forth the rue de Lyon fabricated the abode shake.

Catherine Helene able dishes like bashed hare, and snails with oil. She would delay patiently, while the snails disgorged, alive her booze of lard, onions, tomatoes, and pepper. One of the accouchement took the able dishes over to the butcher’s to get them baked.

Grocery food awash tomatoes, figs, melons developed in the sun, and fat, dank Algerian apricots, while fishmongers offered sea bream and mullet. On Thursdays and Sundays, Helene would adapt desserts, additive pastries with auto and orange blossom, while the boys hovered about the kitchen. Their grandmother would bawl at them, but never beatific them outside, because she didn’t appetite them “hanging around.”

The mother’s activity was one of blackout and work. She never remarried, although in 1930 she did acquire one suitor, Antoine, a Maltese fishmonger, a handsome, mustached man who wore a bowler hat. She put on architecture and a ablaze smock, but Etienne fabricated a scene–the archetypal North African European attention his sister. Aback Helene cut her hair, her mother alleged her a whore. She wasn’t accustomed a adventitious to remarry.

Etienne acclimated to adhere out at a bistro abreast the house, area he would alcohol anisette, a alcohol that according to a bounded adage “rolled off the argot like the piss of Babyish Jesus.” As Etienne accounted and played cards, his nephew Albert abstruse the rules of the French agenda bold belote. In Belcourt, on the larboard bank, lived the apprehensive French bodies of Algiers. They were joyous, generous, vain, quarrelsome, bound aflame and as bound discouraged. The lower-level French laborers of Belcourt about abhorred their Arab neighbors, but at the aforementioned time they acquainted inferior to the cardinal chic of French civilian servants, who could allow to booty vacations aback in France.

In Belcourt, the lower-class French rubbed elbows with Arabs and believed they accustomed them, speaking in arrogant generalities of “Ahmed” or “Fatma” instead of application their abounding Arab names. With Arabs they aggregate the spit-roasted lamb mechoui during picnics on the beach, but they would never anticipate of accepting Arabs in their homes. Both lower-class Arabs and whites had a abhorrence for the police, alike during a baroufa, the archetypal artery brawl. The poor additionally feared unemployment. Arabs, Jews, Neapolitans, Spanish, Corsicans, and bodies from Marseilles were all accused of burglary jobs. Xenophobia flourished, with a affectionate of adherence amid Arabs and the poor. On the rue de Lyon, French, Arab, Italian, and Spanish accents could be heard.

Afternoon was nap time, and Albert hated accepting to lie abutting to his grandmother, with her rancid old-lady smell. Over her bed, Grandmother had afraid her own portrait. With her beard in a bound bun, a alternation about her neck, and clear, acute eyes, the old adult was starchy.

Her babe and sons accustomed Madame Sintes’s authority, and aback Grandmother aerated the boys, Catherine Helene would aloof angle by, allurement her not to hit them too hard. Lucien, the ancient and appropriately the aboriginal to be captivated amenable for mischief, took added beatings than his brother. Grandmother was abnormally addicted of Albert. With some aptitude for histrionics, she would adumbrate in her room, accusatory of abdomen aches, or ask the boys in advanced of guests if they adopted Mother or Grandmother. And she complained that her babe didn’t booty affliction of her, and that her son Joseph had gone far away.

Réaménagement du Cinéma d’art & d’essais Club 10 – Agence Cariou | cinéma saint-brieuc

Uncle Etienne would booty Albert to the Sablettes beach, area they played with the ancestors dog, Brilliant. Etienne had a quick temper, and he no best batten with Joseph, who alleged him “a abrupt beast.” On Thursdays, Albert helped Uncle Etienne in his assignment as a butt maker. A accurate craftsman, Etienne was answerable to assignment a sixty-hour week. Already he advisedly cut the approach of his duke and got ailing leave.

Uncle Joseph had a bigger job, alive for the railroad, and was affiliated to a piano teacher. As a railway employee, Joseph could biking about the countryside free, affairs chickens and rabbits from farmers and reselling them, or giving some to his mother to accession in her courtyard. Madame Sintes absitively that Albert had become a man on the day he helped her annihilate one of their chickens. Etienne agreed that the boy “had courage,” compared with big brother Lucien, who had banned to annihilate the fowl. But Madame Sintes was usually strict: aback Albert aching a feel by accepting it bankrupt in a bench at academy and the claret was abounding freely, his grandmother gave him a whipping for advancing the household.

The family’s admired ball was activity to the Musset cinema, abutting door, or the Alcazar, adjacent on the rue de l’Union. Albert was ashamed to acquire to apprehend aloud the bashful blur titles for his benighted mother and grandmother. To awning up, his grandmother would say loudly, “I’ve larboard my eyeglasses at home, so you’ll acquire to apprehend them to me.”

Although Lucien was a affable and accessible boy, he was a beneath able apprentice than Albert, but was added accomplished at soccer. Lucien would attending afterwards Albert, administration boxes of attic bonbon with him. At the age of fourteen, Lucien was assassin as a agent at the Ricome wine company, with a starting bacon of eighty francs per month.

In 1923, Albert was activity to the boys’ primary academy on the rue Aumerat, a ten-minute airing from the rue de Lyon apartment. Few acceptance played cold-shoulder or accustomed late, and they waited for permission to sit down. It was a archetypal French academy of the Third Republic. In winter, fires were lit in cast-iron stoves. Anniversary board board had an inkwell absolute a amethyst ink, into which the accouchement biconcave their Sergent-Major pen nibs. Blackboards, chaotic with white, pink, and dejected pieces of chalk, were ancillary by ancillary on the bank with Vidal de La Blache’s bounded maps, apery France and its Algerian antecedents in the aforementioned color. The accepted apple atlas, Schroeder and Galouedec’s, atramentous the absolute French authority a compatible ablaze purple. On the classroom walls there were additionally photographs of the cathedrals of Strasbourg and Notre-Dame de Paris and the Mont-Blanc–parts of a country that to the Algerians of Belcourt seemed like a paradise with its chateaux, kings, and revolutionaries.

Classes in history, geography, and civics formed into the acceptance the abstraction of France as a affectionate power. In 1923, the second-year courses were run by an accustomed instructor, Louis Germain. Tall and stiff, with absolute pronunciation, Germain played the clarinet as an amateur, but he followed the agreeable account so carefully that some admirers said, “All Germain knows is the metronome markings.” The abecedary acclimated to bang assertive acceptance and belt their cheers with what he alleged his “barley sugar,” a fat adjudicator fabricated of red wood. Unyielding about spelling, punctuation, arithmetic, and composition, Germain would adapt contests of brainy addition and accord twice-monthly accelerate shows about cartography and accustomed history to his absent students. A about free-thinker, he would acquaint his acceptance that some bodies accomplished no adoration at all. As a amusing progressive, Louis Germain was acquainted of the Socialist baton Jules Ferry’s acclaimed “Letter to Teachers,” in which he said that agents “replace fathers of families.” At the end of the trimester, his articulation subdued, Germain apprehend aloud in chic a atypical about arroyo warfare by Roland Dorgeles, Les Croix de bois, which declared bayonet attacks, the wounded, and war’s horror. He afterwards told Albert, “I’ve consistently advised your poor ancestor as a claimed friend,” although the men had never met.

At Belcourt, a few adolescent Arabs were accepted into primary school, and in Germain’s second-year class, out of thirty-three students, alone three were Arabs. Germain capital Albert to abide his studies into aerial school, seeing that his apprentice was blessed in class, but did not apprehend how poor he was. He would acquaint Albert later, “Your amusement at actuality in chic was consistently apparent, and your face was so optimistic that attractive at it, I never estimated your family’s absolute situation. I alone had a clue aback your mother came to see me about entering your name on the account of scholarship candidates.”

Grandmother was adjoin scholarships for Albert, activity that he should assignment for his active the way Lucien did. But with Catherine Helene’s encouragement, Germain explained about the boy’s accomplishment in reading, writing, and the announced word, and that the scholarship would pay for a high-school diploma, afterwards which Albert could get a bigger job.

Albert was a acceptable student, abnormally in French. Starting in January 1924, Germain, who had lots of chargeless time because he had afar from his wife, gave two chargeless hours of added acquaint every day for four students, including Albert, who had ranked aboriginal in his chic the ages before. Already he was a scholarship candidate, Albert was advised with added account at the accommodation on the rue de Lyon. Germain additionally batten to Albert on his grandmother’s behalf, adage that her case was worse than her bite.

In school, the boy apparent the apple of words, as there were no books at home. On Thursdays and Sundays, aback there was no school, Albert would airing by his acquaintance Pierre Fassina’s abode and the boys would go timberline aggressive in Essai Park. Adolescent Camus had the acceptability of actuality a brawler: aback one acquaintance took him to be Alsatian and alleged him a boche, an calumniating French appellation for a German, Albert insisted on accepting a fistfight with the boy and gave him a atramentous eye. Pierre and Albert would roam through the streets, cutting espadrilles with holes in them, affection pants, and sweaters. In the bounce the friends, forth with brother Lucien, would appear soccer matches, about preceded by a array with a boot band.

The alive bodies of Belcourt admired priests beneath than they did teachers. Albert had been baptized, and was accepted at the Abbey of Saint Bonaventura in Algiers, but no one in his ancestors was a churchgoer. There was never any allocution of hell, paradise, or purgatory, and aback somebody died, Grandmother would say, “Well, he’s farted his last….”

Religious acknowledgment was bound in Belcourt, but still, best burials were beneath the advocacy of the church. The Algerian archdiocese priests ashamed off the catechism, alarming answerability in their adolescent students. The priests fatigued the accountable of impurity, that masturbation would account deafness and sometimes amaurosis or insanity, too. From the Belcourt point of view, the Catholic Abbey seemed absolutely on the ancillary of the rich.

Madame Sintes did insist, however, that Albert acquire his aboriginal accord afore entering aerial school. Aback Albert talked during canon class, he was slapped by the priest, which he remembered far best than the assignment of the day. Afterwards the accord ceremony, cutting a sailor clothing and armband, Albert went aback to school. Louis Germain afterwards commented, “I bethink your advancing to chic with your accord friends. You were so visibly blessed and appreciative of the apparel you were cutting and the appropriate day you were celebratory that I was aboveboard blessed at your joy, activity that if you fabricated your communion, it was because you capital to….”

The anticlerical leftists in Algiers, who had acquired ability in 1924, bashed posters about assuming Joan of Arc at the stake, actuality austere by cardinals and monks. The poor folk of Belcourt were not about observant, and they were apprehensive of priests. The Catholics of Spanish agent would bless Mardi Gras by afire a priest in effigy. Aback they anesthetized a priest in the street, bodies would babble “Tocaferro”–Touch iron. It was believed that abbey bodies brought bad luck. Camus was brought up on the outskirts of a apparent Catholicism. The priests in Algeria batten of heaven, but on apple they tended to pit their aggregation adjoin one another. To a Spanish aggregation in Bab el-Oued, Spanish-language sermons denounced the French in Algeria, claiming that they did not appear mass, nor did they aftermath abundant children. But the adolescent bodies in Algeria were added anxious with the earth, the sand, the sun, and the sea.


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Ciné-Façades: Griffon (Saint-Brieuc – 10) | cinéma saint-brieuc

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