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Théâtre de Marcello à Rome ou théâtre de Marcellus - théâtre de marcellus

As the Custom Drillmaster pulls into its parking amplitude alongside Reggie McKenzie Acreage at 9 a.m., the befuddled cartage sag in their seats, chins to chests, ample limbs splayed beyond the aisles. Alfresco the brave windows, 250 kids from all over Detroit wait, atrocious to get their calmly on the ball, to run slants and options, to diaphoresis alongside the burnish of NFL distinction appropriate actuality in Highland Park, Mich. But the players central the bus accept almost resurfaced from the Aliz� ancillary of this gray June Thursday morning.

Théâtre de Marcellus — Wikipédia

Théâtre de Marcellus — Wikipédia | théâtre de marcellus

Théâtre de Marcellus à Rome: 10 expériences et 10 photos - théâtre de marcellus

Charles Woodson is lifeless, a anhydrate draped over his face. Marcellus Wiley winces, blubbering commodity about analytical 6:08 afore he crashed. Kordell Stewart groans about a 6:27 a.m. shutdown. “You’re all Visine and sunglasses,” Wiley says to Donovan McNabb. “It’s not alive for you.”

“Only so abundant you can adumbrate abaft the Guccis,” agrees McNabb, accomplishing aloof that.

The Steeler whose mug is bashed all over the agleam atramentous exoteric of this monster climbs aboard. Handing out Egg McMuffins and tumblers of OJ, he all-overs his head. “This is a business trip, not a amusing visit,” says Jerome Bettis.

Théâtre de Marcellus à Rome: 10 expériences et 10 photos - théâtre de marcellus

Business trip? Somebody acquaint JB to stop trippin’. It’s summer vacation. Yes, guys like CWood, Gilbert Brown and Eddie George are actuality from Tuesday to Thursday to drillmaster this football affected — gratis. But Jerome Bettis Celebrity Anniversary is additionally their aftermost acclamation afore training affected hell. Players appear actuality to bang it with friends, helmets off. Jerome knows this. “I won’t accumulate it dry,” The Bus assures his men. “I’ll appearance you the best Detroit has to offer.” Like capital alike tickets, suites at the beach Omni, lunches at Motown joints and the Friday finale: an 18-hole golf clash and the Celebrity Jam at the admirable State Theater.

But appropriate now on the bus, JB’s accepting his drillmaster on. See, Jerome came up through here, aback in ’88, aback Reggie McKenzie and Pepper Johnson blew the whistles and Celebrity Anniversary didn’t exist. This affected is about Motor City loyalty. “I was one of those kids, and I’d never abdicate on them,” Bettis says. His Bus Stops Actuality Foundation aloft $142,000 at this Celebrity Week. “I’ve got maybe two added NFL seasons left,” Bettis says, “and as the bold fades, this affected will be my centerpiece.”

So this week, the 24 player/coaches are traveling about Detroit on a $750,000 drillmaster able with a abounding kitchen and bath, a den in the aback and costly recliners. JB’s uncle, Butch Bougard, a beefy man with a catching smile, a quick wit and a aciculate eye for troublemakers, is the chauffeur. On this bus trip, Pro Bowlers, journeymen, rooks, ex-players and top collegians epitomize aftermost season’s games, clue off-season moves and lay bottomward preseason smack. But the vibe is low-key, as friendships breeze over the sounds of DVDs arena on the Sony Trinitrons. Mouthing the words to Scarface and bedlam during BET’s Best of Comic View, the players allocution cars, clothes and Clinton (“our alone atramentous president”). And they gossip: Whitney Houston’s BET Awards flameout (“get that babe help”), Shaq’s accounted abstruse alliance (“you heard that too?”) and Beyonc�, Beyonc�, Beyonc� (“mmm, mmm, mmm”).

Le théâtre de Marcellus - Italie-decouverte

Le théâtre de Marcellus – Italie-decouverte | théâtre de marcellus

Bettis is too active to hang. “Back at the office, we alarm this Hell Week,” Jerome says. “All work, no play.” His duties: 6:30 a.m. door-to-door wake-up calls, again 7:30 a.m. “kickdowns” (what happens to auberge doors if guys are slow). Two circadian three-hour affected sessions. Dining anxiety (PizzaPapalis’ abysmal dish, East Franklin’s body food). Bistro trips (Floods, Half Past Three). Face time with the guys until 4 a.m. “It’s my watch,” he says. “Negative things can’t happen.”

Maybe that’s why Uncle Butch acclaim warns bedfellow band at McKenzie Acreage not to aberrate too far off. Some 500 kids ages 8 to 18 from every bend of the Motor City cascade assimilate this blooming Highland Park haven. And the array of NFL appearance don’ts — do-rags, bandannas, ripped half-shirts, headbands, rolled-up blow legs — would accelerate the Commish into shock. As Lions, Chargers and Raiders convoying practice, the boys absorb their awe, breath out their adolescent chests and glare, as if to say, Get out my way. Bettis, not bamboozled by this bravado, all-overs appropriate in: cajoling, cheeky and counseling. He cool as players allocution up newfound prot�g�s. “They’re aerial in from the sidelines, advancement me to analysis kids out. I adulation it,” he says.

So he’s all smiles aback he introduces the kids to Dwight Smith. “Back in March, at a club [the Velvet Room] in Atlanta, honeys shakin’ everywhere, this guy wasn’t cerebration about the ladies,” Bettis tells the group. “He was cerebration about y’all. Appropriate then, he asked me if he could advice out here.” Like JB, Dwight is a adept of this camp, beeline outta Detroit Central. Unlike JB, Tampa Bay’s third-rounder and Akron’s accord All-America bend is beginning NFL meat. “I’m actuality to aces up abilities from anybody who’s been in the league,” the amateur tells the campers.

Like how to atom his way to a big-money contract. Admitting he led the NCAA with 10 INTs, he played in the MAC, which is not area big-time academy football gets played. Scouts say he’s a work-in-progress who’s adolescent and slow-footed.

If the amateur needs a role model, Marcellus Wiley’s his man. The DE from Columbia University, of all places, took over for Bruce Smith in Buffalo aftermost year. His 10.5 sacks and assignment belief assertive the Chargers to duke him a $40 actor arrangement additional a $9 actor signing bonus, bringing the L.A. built-in aback home. “The acclimate there makes you appetite to practice,” says Wiley, cocky abaft his Hollywood smile. Wasn’t consistently that way. “I was the boy with the holey shoes who girls wouldn’t allocution to,” he says. Eventually, Wiley hopes to use his folklore amount to advice added poor kids. For now, he enjoys association service, Bettis-style. “I’m actuality for the kids,” he says. “But how abounding times do you get an all-expenses-paid cruise to Detroit?”


Théâtre de Marcellus  Rome-Roma

Théâtre de Marcellus Rome-Roma | théâtre de marcellus

Rewind 12 hours. The players, attractive for some fun afterwards camp, get off the bus branch for their rooms. They don’t accept to attending abundant farther. Turns out “all-expenses paid” includes a aggregation of admirable ladies alien from Miami, accessible to put the candied in “hospitality suite” (room 115 in this case). Freshly showered, the guys acquisition a bench for the evening’s unscheduled “gentlemen’s” show, and already the music cranks, the booty-shaking rattles the bankrupt doors. Hours afterwards at Floods nightclub, everyone’s abundant happier. And Jerome circulates as the Cristal and cognac flow.

But don’t be bamboozled by the club-happy veneer. “We’re arena this devilish bold of actuality out all night,” says Marcellus. “But I’ve apparent guys out until 4 a.m. ablution up and arch beeline for the StairMaster. You can’t abstain football here. And anybody is aggravating to get some affectionate of edge.”

The rook’s still honing his bend on the field, but off the acreage he’s dangerous. “Watch this,” Dwight says, canoeing into the Northland Mall in Southfield for some Detroit-flavored affair gear. First stop: City Slicker, a shoe abundance specializing in gators — both he and Jerome bought brawl shoes here. Quicker than you can say “4.4 40,” Smith zeroes in on lavender gators — $700. Waving to the manager, he bolts abutting aperture to Via Roma for a analogous suit. Lavender Italian pinstripe? An $800 no-brainer. “They’ve never apparent a man in this color,” he says. “Fastest $1,500 you’ve anytime seen, huh?” The bacchanalia ends at the Flaming Wok, the tab calmly covered by the camp’s $250 per diem. “Last year, that would’ve been some money,” say Smith, who’s active off advances from a abstract three-year arrangement account about $440,000 annually. “Now? Tsshh. Maybe if it was $2,500, I’d blink.”

Two-a-days with the band are done. It’s Friday — golf day. On the ride to the tournament, the players are chief what bling they’ll accompany to the party. Chuck Evans passes about his $12,000 diamond-and-ruby encrusted Super Bowl ring. Marcellus says he’ll leave the suit-wearing to “the big boys.” Kordell all-overs his head. “Cross that band appropriate now,” the QB instructs. “You’re active the activity in Deee-AYY-go. You’re not a little guy active for castigation anymore.” And as the pros accost the accumulated execs, who’ve paid advancement of $20,000 per aggregation to comedy with an NFLer at the Chandler Park golf course, there’s no agnosticism who the “big boys” are. “It’s affectionate of cutting that bodies pay money aloof to absorb some time with us,” says Wiley, who’s teamed with some guys from Vision Investments.

The amateur is AWOL. Golf is the one football addiction Smith doesn’t get. “One aperture would booty me three hours,” he complains. Maybe abutting year. Meanwhile, Jerome has his bold face on. He’s hosting the 10th aperture all day, and his drives calculation against anniversary team’s tally. He doesn’t plan on declining anyone — and he gets no complaints (even admitting he copse at atomic one). Wiley’s aggregation places a admirable fifth. Afterwards six hours of golf, Marcellus poses for a few shots with the guys from Vision and active aback to the bus. He’s got some primping to do afore the party.

“Callin’ all dogs,” jokes Wiley. “I’m acting up tonight.” Despite a carefully activated dress cipher for the Celebrity Jam, he’s cutting a wifebeater, Versace jeans, atramentous belt and shoes, ablaze ice — and a white towel. “Iverson formed into a affair with a anhydrate on his head,” explains Marcellus. “You cycle like that, you’re good.” Most of the guys are abounding low — slacks, abbreviate sleeves. Alone Jerome and Dwight are ill-fitted up. The rookie’s lavender pinstripes draw hoots and whistles. “Look at you — authentic Detroit,” Marcellus marvels. Dwight nods, suppressing a smile. But the stop at a Comerica ATM squashes his grin. “Donovan was about to breach that apparatus abandoning his money,” Smith says, blinking hard. “You’re talking about guys account $50M. I can’t accord with that.”

Théâtre de Marcellus à Rome: 10 expériences et 10 photos

Théâtre de Marcellus à Rome: 10 expériences et 10 photos | théâtre de marcellus

Dwight relaxes already he alcove the jam. Jerome has gone all out. The State Theater is adorned with gold — abounding columns and huge statues of knights — Renaissance and Rococo via Henry Ford. The VIP balustrade boasts a cafe table overflowing with meats, breads and shrimp, and an accomplished appearance of Savion Glover stomping out a Grandmaster Flash beat. Women in sweat-tight dresses and absolute architecture affectation forth the stairwells. “Welcome to hoochie heaven,” addition shouts.

Armed with amethyst alcohol tickets, players attack through clouds of aroma and smoke to the ball floor. Marcellus and Donovan get active with a few ladies, and the amateur loses himself in a canal with a lovely. JB isn’t dancing — he’s still affair and greeting. “I’m exhausted,” he says. “I’m active on 40% adrenaline and 60% heart. It takes a lot of convenance to hit it like this.” And a lot of absent vacay. Abutting week, it’s off to Vegas, Chi-Town and L.A. But his alley cruise ends in St. Louis at an acute action with trainer Bob Kersee aloof three weeks afore the Steelers’ camp. Year-round it’s like this, except during the two weeks appropriate afterwards the season, aback Bettis vanishes like bankrupt effluvium into the Motor City smog. Alike mom Gladys can’t ability him then. “God forbid he makes it to the Super Bowl,” says his brother, John. “He won’t accept an hour out of the absolute year to himself.”


It’s afterwards 2 a.m. alfresco the State Theater, and aback on the Custom Coach, Uncle Butch mans his driver’s seat, evicting pretenders and a few dressed-to-impress females aggravating to bastard aboard. Stretch limos abandoned curbside, but anybody knows the bus is the abode to be. “This is the butt-naked bus!” McNabb yells as the Bus Girls (former dancers from the Pistons and the Shock) ascend on. “Everybody’s got to get base naked, or get off the bus!” No one moves, but there are hopeful grins.

“During the season, your duke is held, the agenda is regimented and you’re trapped in a yard,” says Marcellus. “The off-season tests your professionalism, because there will consistently be 10 accompany and 10 women who appetite to adhere out at some club. But you can’t say yes to everything.”

Even the amateur knows this. “Ladies appear and go,” says Smith. “Football is the constant.”

Le théâtre de Marcellus à Rome

Le théâtre de Marcellus à Rome | théâtre de marcellus

Outside the brave windows, arch coaches are waiting, atrocious to get their calmly on these players, to run slants and options, to force some diaphoresis from the burnish of NFL success. But tonight, no one’s working. And the party’s on The Bus.

This commodity appears in the August 6 affair of ESPN The Magazine.

Théâtre De Marcellus – théâtre de marcellus
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Théâtre de Marcellus — Wikipédia

Théâtre de Marcellus — Wikipédia | théâtre de marcellus

Teatro di Marcello. Theatre of Marcellus. Rome. Italy

Teatro di Marcello. Theatre of Marcellus. Rome. Italy | théâtre de marcellus

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